These Aren't Online Fiddle Lessons. This is an Online Fiddling Experience.

Fiddle legend Darol Anger combines online video lessons with personalized video feedback

It's a shame to call this an online fiddle school because learning fiddle online with Darol Anger and the ArtistWorks Video Exchange™ Feedback Platform is truly an experience.


First, you get Darol Anger who takes you you from the basics to Bluegrass fiddle mastery and beyond to all the places that interest a musical innovator like Darol.

Of course you get unlimited access to his hundreds of streaming HD fiddle lessons, backing tracks and tabs - beginner to advanced - for you to learn from around the clock. 

From there, ArtistWorks’ Video Exchange™ Feedback Platform enables you to submit videos of your practice and get video feedback on your playing from Darol. 

These interactions are combined on the site with the corresponding fiddles lessons for all students benefit from.  You are free to join in or simply learn fiddle from watching Darol coach someone else.  Click here to see how it works.

ArtistWorks’ revolutionary Video Exchange Feedback Platform connects you with Darol and a global community of fiddlers, all dedicated to building their skills in the most effective way possible.

It’s easy to sign up and learn the fiddle at your own pace.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Join today!


New Special Guest Fiddlers: Mike Barnett and Tim O'Brien
Mar 13

darol anger mike barnett fiddle

As some of you may have noticed, we've added an 8-part interview that Darol recently recorded with young all-star fiddler Mike Barnett. Mike recorded his first fiddle album at age 14 and was playing shows with bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds at age 15. He currently plays in a number of different groups including the David Grisman Quintet, The Deadly Gentlemen (with David Grisman's son Samson on bass), and also plays fiddle on Scott Law's new album and Tony Trischka's new album. Darol has known Mike for a long time, and having played in the David Grisman Quintet himself for years, the two had plenty to talk about. Find the interview in Music+ area in the "Special Guests" section.

…but wait, there's more! We also just uploaded a video of Darol Anger and Tim O'Brien playing a duo fiddle version of "The Crossing," and they also talk about the backstory behind the tune. Find this one also in the "Special Guests" area of Music+ under "Darol Talks with Tim O'Brien."