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Stan Getz alum, Guitarist in FourPlay
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Learn Online with Jazz Guitar Lessons from Chuck Loeb

Chuck Loeb has created a definitive video library that includes hundreds of jazz guitar lessons. Students have unlimited access to Chuck Loeb's entire jazz guitar method, plus guitar tabs and other study materials.

What ultimately sets these guitar lessons apart from other online offerings however, is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange® learning platform. Chuck Loeb reviews each submission and records a video response, offering tips about how to progress. All students can access Chuck’s Video Exchange library, which is constantly expanding and may contain the key to unlock your playing.

Top Quality Guitar Lessons

  • 100s of guitar lessons at your own pace
  • All levels from beginner to advanced
  • Slow Motion Isolation and Video Looping
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Chuck Loeb Jazz Guitar Lessons

Click a lesson category below to explore the curriculum
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Introduction to the Jazz Guitar School
  • Jazz Guitar Curriculum Overview
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Guitar Yoga
  • How to Practice
  • Practice Charts Overview
  • Know Your Neck
  • Basic Theory of Intervals & The Number System
  • The Basic Position Concept: The 6 Positions
  • Why the 6 Positions Are Important
  • The 6 Positions: Playthrough
  • Intro to Chords
  • Introduction to Improvisation
  • Improvising with Patterns
  • Using the Number System to Discover Arpeggios & Patterns
  • Applying Intervals to the Blues
  • Introduction to Ear Training
  • Interval Ear Training
  • Placement
  • Miscellaneous


  • Introduction to Constructing Scales
  • Constructing Scales: Melodic Minor
  • Constructing Scales: Dorian
  • Constructing Scales: Natural Minor
  • Constructing Scales: Harmonic Minor
  • Constructing Scales: Pentatonic
  • Constructing Scales: Pentatonic add b5
  • Constructing Scales: Whole Tone, Diminished & Chromatic
  • Constructing Arpeggios: Major & Minor
  • Constructing Arpeggios: Augmented & Diminished
  • Constructing Arpeggios: Major 7th
  • Constructing Arpeggios: Dominant 7th
  • Constructing Arpeggios: Minor 7th
  • Constructing Arpeggios: Minor 7 b5
  • Improvising with 7th Chord Arpeggios
  • 7th Chord Voicings
  • The Major Scale in Arpeggios
  • The Major Scale in Chord Voicings
  • Chuck's Warm-Up Routine
  • Bebop Licks
  • Introduction to Chord Analysis
  • Scale Recognition Ear Training
  • Ear Training - Exercise 1: Chord Recognition
  • Ear Training - Exercise 2: Interval Recognition
  • Ear Training - Exercise 3: Reverse Interval Recognition
  • Ear Training - Exercise 4: Scale Recognition
  • Ear Training - Exercise 5: Arpeggio Recognition
  • Ear Training - Exercise 6: Chord Progression Recognition
  • Ear Training - Exercise 7: Linear Line Recognition
  • Improv in Action
  • Melodic Fragments
  • If I Were A Bell
  • Introduction to Modes
  • Modes: Dorian
  • Modes: Phrygian
  • Modes: Lydian
  • Modes: Mixolydian
  • Modes: Aeolian
  • Modes: Locrian
  • Diminished Chords & the Dominant 7th
  • Less Simple Blues
  • Introduction to Chord Melody
  • Here's that Rainy Day


  • Mental Preparation for Improvising
  • Advanced Ear Training
  • Analyzing Jazz Chord Progressions
  • Jazz Chord Progressions: II-V-I Playthrough
  • Jazz Chord Progressions: I-VI-II-V-I Playthrough
  • Jazz Chord Progressions: III-VI-II-V-I Playthrough
  • Jazz Chord Progressions: I-V7/II-II-V-I Playthrough
  • Jazz Chord Progressions: III-V7/II-II-V-I Playthrough
  • V7/IV
  • V7/V
  • V7/VI
  • V7/III
  • II-V in Minor Keys
  • Tensions & Extensions
  • Approach Notes
  • All the Things You Are - Playthrough 1: Approach Notes
  • All the Things You Are - Playthrough 2: Chromatics
  • All the Things You Are - Playthrough 3: Modulations
  • All the Things You Are - Playthrough 4: Rhythms
  • Linear Playing Through Jazz Chord Progressions
  • Multi-String And Multi-Note Improvisation
  • Triple Stops
  • Smile
  • Stompin At The Savoy
  • Harmo-Melodic Improvisation
  • Recorda Me
  • Complex Linear Improvisation - Rhythm Changes
  • Donna Lee
  • Giant Steps
  • Modes Of The Melodic Minor Scale

About Chuck

Chuck Loeb is a versatile composer, arranger and producer known for his ability to play any style of music, but his main passion has always been jazz guitar. He was first exposed to jazz through fusion music of the early 70s such as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, which first inspired him to formally study jazz guitar. Chuck's first mentor was the jazz guru Dennis Sandole, and he later studied with late great jazz guitarist Jim Hall. Chuck attended Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied jazz guitar, as well as composing and arranging. Chuck's influences include jazz guitar greats like Wes Montgomery, George Benson, John McLaughlin and Pat Martino.

In his early professional career Chuck Loeb played with jazz luminaries like Chico Hamilton, Ray Barreto, Hubert Laws, and many others. He joined the Stan Getz band in 1979 and later became the musical director for the group and composed much of the material. In 1985, Chuck joined the jazz fusion group Steps Ahead with Michael Brecker, Michael Mainieri, Peter Erskine ,and Victor Baile. Chuck's 1996 solo release "The Music Inside" held the number one position on the contemporary jazz charts for six weeks. He has been a member of the Bob James lead group Fourplay since 2010 along with Harvey Mason and fellow ArtistWorks instructor Nathan East. 

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