Effortless Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Interactive online jazz guitar lessons with personalized feedback from jazz master Chuck Loeb


Ever wish someone would simplify jazz guitar so anyone could understand it? Meet Chuck Loeb, world-renowned guitarist for Fourplay.  

ArtistWorks' new Online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb is a revolutionary way for anyone - beginner to seasoned vet - to learn jazz guitar in a whole new way.  Here's how it works:

  1. About jazz guitar lessons with Chuck LoebGet unlimited access to a complete HD video library of Chuck's  jazz guitar lessons online

  2. Submit practice videos and get personalized Video Exchange™ feedback from the master himself

  3. Learn by watching Chuck's exchanges with other students

Chuck breaks down his entire approach to jazz guitar, giving you access to a lifetime of learning. Plus you get the ability to show Chuck what you’re doing and get personalized Video Exchange feedback designed to take your playing to the next level.


"This type of learning has completely changed my approach to learning guitar for the better. I've literally learned more in the past three years with ArtistWorks than I had in the previous 20."

- Marcus D

It’s easy to sign up and take your jazz guitar playing to new heights.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Join today!


Chuck Loeb Interview on Examiner.com
Apr 7

chuck loeb interviewChuck Loeb recently did an interview about his new jazz guitar lessons with journalist Brittany Frederick which appears on Examiner.com.

"I think the most important thing that's going on for me right now is this teaching thing. I'm just so excited to be involved with ArtistWorks, and [to] have my own format for giving something back educationally in what I love more than anything else which is jazz guitar and jazz music. It's been a long time coming, and now I finally have a format for it...I think I'll be able to connect with people around the world."

- Chuck Loeb

ArtistWorks' new Online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb launches in April and Chuck is clearly excited about taking his unique method for simplifying jazz improv to the masses.  Click on the picture to read the full interview and find out more about the new online Jazz Guitar School with Chuck Loeb at www.chuckloebguitar.com

Jazz Guitar Lessons with Chuck Loeb: The 6 Positions
Mar 26

One of the most important things in Jazz Guitar is being able to improvise. To pull off a good solo, you need to know which key and scales work with the backing chords. What can be confusing when learning jazz guitar is that there are a variety of patterns and locations to play the same scale. It's important to know the most efficient way of finding the right notes for the desired key from anywhere on the neck as you move around.

The way to do this is to learn the geography of the fretboard and understand how the notes relate to each other - which brings us to what Chuck Loeb refers to throughout his jazz guitar lessons as "The 6 Positions."