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Pedalboard for the Mr. Big Tour
Oct 9

paul gilbert pedalboard mr big

After a few days of rehearsing and tweaking, I've got my pedalboard sorted out for the Mr. Big tour. Here is the signal path:


Sennheiser Wireless 

Keeley Looper #1 (used as A/B box) A-side goes to an MXR Bass Compressor and a TC Electronics Mini Corona Chorus. These go directly to the P.A. system for my clean and/or acoustic sound. The B-side goes to...

Keeley Looper #2 (used as an effects loop switcher.) In the loop is a Cry Baby Jimi Hendrix Signature Wah Wah and an MXR Phase 90. I love having these two pedals in the effects loop, because there is an LED that tells me if the wah wah is on, and I can have the pedals come on simultaneously with just one footswitch. Another bonus is that when my foot presses the Keeley Looper, it actually puts my leg in a good position to shift to the wah wah and keep my balance. In the past, I always felt clumsy when using a wah wah, but this trick really works. And then...

MXR Distortion Plus (for a "tight" trebly distortion)

TC Electronic MojoMojo (for a subtle, natural distortion with a bass boost)