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I Label Yooooouuu...
Jul 18

paul gilbert guitar pedalbaord

Here is my latest pedalboard. I used these pedals a lot while recording the new Mr. Big album, and I plan on taking them to the G4 Experience as well. 

To make the pedalboard "indestructible," I attached the pedals to the board with Velcro, used black gaffer tape to keep the knobs at my favorite settings, cut small strips of Velcro to hold the cables down, and did some important labeling.

My (well-meaning) guitar techs have blown up several of my power supplies over the years (by plugging into the wrong voltage), so I've learned to label my power supply with big numbers. I haven't blown one up since. 120 volts for G4!

I recently started using a Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby wah wah. I've wasted a few soundchecks in the past by thinking that my amps sounded a little strange, then readjusting all the EQ settings, then realizing that I had accidentally left the wah wah on. I labeled my wah wah to remind myself to check. Is it OFF?

Finally, on the left (in dark brown) is a TC Electronic MojoMojo. It has a small switch in between the knobs. I like the switch in the "up" position, but I often forget to check it. The upward pointing arrow will remind me.

Now, I'm ready to jam!

Thank you,