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Qbert Skratch University is a global community of DJs all taking their turntable skills to the next level in a fun and positively constructive way. You want direct feedback on your cuts from DJ Qbert? Now you got it!  Qbert will personally respond to YOUR practice videos and tell you what you should do to progress.  You also have access to all of Qbert's Video Exchanges™, so you learn from others even if you don't submit a video. There's a ton of beats to get into, an interactive Training Dojo for virtual Q n A scratching, behind the scenes videos, interviews, battles, and a whole lot more.  

You get hundreds of lessons from Qbert that cover all aspects of scratching, from the very basics to highly advanced skratch combos - not to mention lessons from Guest Professors on Beat Juggling, Trick Mixing, Serato, Traktor, Turntable Repair, and much more.  Whenever you have a question or want to know how you're doing, submit a practice video directly through the website.  Qbert will watch your video and then record a personalized video response for you with how you're doing and ways you can tighten up your technique. Click here to see how it works.

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Qbert's New Album / The Tazer Battle
Jul 15

dj qbert new album extraterrestria

Greetings to all throughout the skratchosphere! We are very excited about the official release of Qbert's new double album, Extraterrestria / GalaXXXian, which is now available and well worth the wait. This is the first album since 1998's seminal Wave Twisters, Qbert's first concept album which also went on to be an award winning animated film. The new albums are in heavy rotation over here and sound amazing. From the production to the skratching to the concepts and guest appearances... it's got something for everyone - even cameos from past QSU Valedictorians Zeke and IQ

Be sure to pick visit and get yourself a copy if you have not already. Also check the tour dates, he may be coming to a city near you!

stewie skratch battle winnerIn Battle News, we want to extend our congratulations to JB Wizardry! This long time student here won the recent Stewie Skratch Battle and is now the recipient of the coveted golden 45. His winning entry is also linked to from the Stewie Skratch Lesson page (Lessons --> Level 2 --> Stewie Skratch) as a demonstration of this unique combo in action. This marks JB's second battle win here, as he also won the Chirp Battle last year

Now, the next battle is on Tazers, which were first showed to Qbert by the world champion DJ Rafik from Germany way back when. Similar to Lazers, Tazers involve flinging the record back and forth with one hand while doing a 2-click motion on the fader much like an OG Flare. Make sense? Don't worry, these little guys are tricky, but the good news is that there's a lesson for that (Lessons --> Level 3 --> Tazers) - so be sure to spend some time practicing it before you record a video on it.

You have until August 4th to enter with a 1 minute video that shows all your Tazer skills… good luck!