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Ox Flare Winners / Two New Battles on QSU
Sep 22

qbert skratch university - 1 click prizm

qsu - ox flare battleCongrats to our two winners of the Ox Flare Battle: DJ Hypnotize and JB Wizardry! Both videos are excellent examples of this flare combo and so they will reside on the Ox Flare lesson page as inspiration for us all. JB Wizardry is now a 3x QSU Battle Winner, having also won the Chirp Battle and the Stewie Skratch Battle. DJ Hypnotize is now a 4x QSU Battle Winner, having also won the Tear Battle, Slice Battle, and the original Combo Challenge a few years ago. Congrats on winning those gold records fellas, keep making us proud! Honorable mentions go out to Supaphonik, Akiko Luv, and POTB.

In other news, Qbert is embarking on World Wide Tour across the US and Europe! From all his students here, we wish him safe travels and a speedy return. Since he'll be away from his home studio for awhile, he's decided to announce not 1, but 2 new QSU Battles!

One is more for the advanced students and it's on the 1 Click Prizm which Q also breaks down in the new welcome video here. The other battle is on a more foundational skratch: the Fade. It's in the Level 1 of the lessons here and everyone should be familiar with it already. Here's Q's tips for what he's looking for:

"Do it slow, do it medium, do it fast, show different variations, show your funkiness, show your diversity with that skratch, I want to see your hands, I want to see how you do it… it's for students to learn." 

You can enter whichever battle you want, but the deadline to submit is MondayNovember 3rdyou know what to do. Just submit your best 1 minute video to the Battle Category when you click on the "Submit A Video" tab.