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As a member of any Guitar Campus school you will get unlimited 24/7 access to hundreds of online guitar lessons at all levels, but that's just the beginning of the resources. You will learn from the constantly growing Video Exchange Library, which contain the student submissions with teacher responses. More Video Exchanges are being recorded all the time, so the library of lessons is always expanding!

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Check out our free acoustic guitar lessons taught by Scott Law. These free guitar lessons teach you all the basics and foundation you need to learn how to play guitar without the option for Video Exchange. When you are ready for feedback on your playing, join a school and let the next level of learning begin!


Martin Taylor: The Secret of Internalizing Music
Sep 26

"I never write with the guitar, I just imagine it in my mind." - Martin Taylor

"When it comes down to it, this [guitar] is just a piece of wood - the music doesn't come from there, the music comes from within us. I often think of the guitar as the loudspeaker of my mind. The reason I play guitar… is because it's the nearest way I can get everyone to hear the music that's going on in my mind. It's the best way I can really express that. But when it comes down to it, it's a piece of wood - the music doesn't come from there, the music comes from within.