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Feb 22, 2017

skratch theory lesson on rephrashing

Greetings! There's a new lesson to check out on Rephrashing, which is about making variations on the same theme. Instead of repeating patterns, explore other ways to say the same thing, differently. Find it in the Skratch Theory section in the Learning Channel, or just click here to check it out

qbert, skratch
Feb 22, 2017

ukulele lessons with sarah maisel and craig chee

Good News: Craig and Sarah will be in our studio recording new ukulele lessons on Thursday and Friday! It's almost been a year since we lanched their school and we're very excited to have them returning to Napa, CA. 

Here's some of what they'll be covering in the new lessons, many of which was requested by students here:

  • Warm Up Exercises
  • The C-Scale: Basic Pattern & Variations
  • Rag Time Progression 
  • Rhythm Changes
  • Syncopated Rhythm
  • Double Picking
  • Alternating Thumb Patterns
  • Moveable Scale Shapes
  • Advanced Chord Melody
  • Chord Voicing
  • Double Hand Strum
  • String Bending  
  • 1-6-2-5 Alterations
  • Singing and Playing Together
  • Changing Strings

Plus new songs, lullabies and more! We'll be broadcasting a sneak peek of the action on Facebook so be sure to tune in live at the following times:

  • Thursday, February 23: 11 am PST
  • Friday, February 24: 3 pm PST

Feb 14, 2017

playing jazz saxophoneMusic has this amazing power to touch a person’s heart and conjure up emotions. But not every song can do this. Only when a jazz saxophone player understands how to tap into the soul of a song can the audience really experience, or “live”, the music. That leads to a very important question – how do you infuse that level of emotion into a song?

Simply playing the notes isn’t enough. To make your sax playing become less stuffy and instead, become more natural and expressive, here are five tips you can try.

1. Know the Basics:

When first starting out, you always need to begin at the beginning. And when it comes to jazz sax chords, that means learning the basics – fingerings, posture, and more. As you become more comfortable with these basics, they will take less work and gradually become less stilted and more natural. Honing these skills will give you the starting point for learning how to express emotion in your music.


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