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Principal Flute Philadelphia Orchestra, Prof of Flute Curtis Institute, Juilliard School
Intermediate to Advanced, Audition Prep

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Learn Online with Flute Lessons from Jeffrey Khaner

Jeffrey Khaner has created a comprehensive video library that includes hundreds of flute lessons. Students have unlimited access to all these online flute lessons plus notation and other study materials.

What ultimately sets these online lessons apart from other offerings however, is the ability to submit a video for personalized feedback using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange® learning platform. Jeffrey Khaner reviews each submission and records a video response, offering tips about how to improve. All students can access Jeffrey’s Video Exchange library, which may contain the key to unlock your playing.

Top Quality Flute Lessons

  • 100s of flute lessons at your own pace
  • All levels from fundamentals to advanced
  • Slow Motion Isolation and Video Looping
Video Exchange® Learning

  • Submit practice videos to Jeffrey Khaner
  • Get custom feedback on your playing
  • Practice the advice and get better faster
Worldwide Community

  • Connect with students around the world
  • Learn from everyone’s Video Exchanges 
  • Stay motivated to progress your playing

Jeffrey Khaner Flute Lessons

Click a lesson category below to explore the curriculum
  • Foundational Skills
  • Easier Etudes
  • Exercises
  • Etudes
  • Orchestral Excerpts
  • Solo Repertoire

Foundational Skills

  • Why We Practice
  • How To Practice
  • Using Tools Such As a Metronome and Tuner
  • Learning Music
  • Position
  • Embouchure
  • Breathing
  • Intonation
  • Dynamics
  • Tonguing
  • Phrasing
  • Foundational Skills/Placement - Call for Video

Easier Etudes

  • Andersen Opus 37
  • Gariboldi
  • Köhler Opus 33
  • Easier Etudes - Call for Video


  • How to Approach Exercises
  • Longtones
  • Vibrato
  • Scales
  • Intervals
  • Articulation
  • Double Tonguing
  • Exercises: Call for Video


  • Introduction to Etudes
  • Paganini - Caprice
  • Karg-Elert - Caprice
  • Bach - Etude #1
  • Altes Etude #1
  • Bitsch Etude #1
  • Bozza - Arabesques
  • Castérède - Etude #1
  • Etudes -- Call for Video

Orchestral Excerpts

  • How to Approach Orchestral Excerpts
  • Taking an Audition
  • Bach - St. Matthew Passion
  • Beethoven - Symphony #3 4th Movement
  • Beethoven - Symphony #4 2nd Movement
  • Beethoven - Leonore #3 Opening to 36
  • Beethoven - Leonore #3 Bar 328
  • Beethoven - Symphony #6 2nd Movement
  • Beethoven - Symphony #7 1st Movement
  • Bach, Beethoven - Call for Video
  • Bizet - Carmen Entr'acte
  • Brahms - Symphony #1 4th Movement
  • Brahms - Symphony #4 4th Movement
  • Bizet, Brahms - Call for Video
  • Debussy - Afternoon of a Faun: Line 1
  • Debussy - Afternoon of a Faun: Rehearsal 2 to 3
  • Dvorak - Symphony #8 1st Movement
  • Dvorak - Symphony #8 4th Movement
  • Debussy, Dvorak - Call for Video
  • Gluck - Menuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits
  • Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphosis 2nd Movement
  • Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphosis 3rd Movement
  • Gluck, Hindemith - Call for Video
  • Mendelssohn - Midsummer Night's Dream Scherzo
  • Mendelssohn - Symphony #4 4th Movement
  • Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf Opening
  • Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf March
  • Mendelssohn, Prokofiev - Call for Video
  • Ravel - Bolero
  • Ravel - Daphnis and Chloe
  • Rimsky-Korsakov - Cappricio Espagnol Cadenza
  • Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov - Call for Video
  • Rossini - William Tell Overture
  • Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals, Voliere
  • Rossini, Saint-Saens - Call for Video
  • Shostakovich - Symphony #5 1st Movement
  • Shostakovich - Symphony #5 2nd Movement
  • Strauss - Till Eulenspeigel: Rehearsal 6-8
  • Strauss - Till Eulenspeigel: Rehearsal 33-34
  • Strauss - Salome
  • Shostakovich, Strauss - Call for Video
  • Stravinsky - Firebird Suite
  • Stravinsky - Petrouchka

Solo Repertoire

  • Approaching Solo Repertoire
  • On Playing Bach
  • Bach - Sonata in E Minor 1st Movement
  • Bach - Sonata in E Minor 2nd Movement
  • Bach - Sonata in E Minor 3rd Movement
  • Bach - Sonata in E Minor 4th Movement
  • Bach - Solo Repertoire Call for Video
  • On Playing Mozart
  • Mozart - Concerto in G 1st Movement
  • Mozart - Concerto in G 2nd Movement
  • Mozart - Concerto in G 3rd Movement
  • Mozart - Solo Repertoire Call for Video
  • Taffanel - Griffes

Jeffrey's Reviews

  • "Jeffrey Khaner is without doubt one of the world's great flute performers and teachers. His commitment to excellence through emphasis on technical and artistic mastery as well as his dedication to performances of the highest level make this website an absolutely tremendous resource for any and all flute players regardless of age or level. The welcoming and comfortable online community here is worthy of all attention." Doug
  • "Jeffrey's teaching vernacular is clear and concise, and the videos are high quality and easy to navigate. Learning via online video enables students to get the same knowledge that any Khaner student gets, but also allows them to attempt to master the information at whatever learning rate with which they're comfortable. In other words, they can achieve Mr. Khaner's ideals while practicing in a low pressure environment. Then of course, checking in about their progress with Mr. Khaner via Video Exchange is an invaluable next step. This next generation of flutists is certainly very lucky to have such information and opportunity quite literally at their fingertips."Susana Loewy
  • "This online school is a fun new way of studying the flute; not only do you get to view all the videos in the library with Mr. Khaner's analysis of pieces, as well as his performances, but you also can upload a video of yourself performing and get specific feedback from Mr. Khaner. I would highly recommend this classical school for anyone interested in studying with Mr. Khaner!"Masha Popova
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About Jeffrey

As current Principal Flutist of The Philadelphia Orchestra for the past 23 years, Jeffrey Khaner is one of the most respected names in classical flute. From 1982-1990 he was Principal Flutist of the Cleveland Orchestra, and also served as Principal Flutist of the New York Mostly Mozart Festival, the Atlantic Symphony in Halifax, and as co-Principal of the Pittsburgh Symphony. He was selected by Sir Georg Solti to be Principal Flutist of the World Orchestra for Peace in 1995.

Jeffrey Khaner is also an accomplished soloist, having performed concertos with orchestras throughout the world. He works regularly with today’s top composers, many of whom have written flute music expressly for him. He has released seven critically acclaimed solo CDs which showcase his interest in the different flute music from different regions.

A graduate of the Juilliard School, Khaner was later named to the faculty as flute professor after the passing of his mentor Julius Baker. He is also on the faculty of the Curtis Institute of Music and Lynn University’s Conservatory of Music, and has given master classes to students around the world.

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