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Welcome to the most comprehensive resource for learning 5 string banjo in the world -- Bluegrass, Classic style, Old Time Fingerpicking, Celtic and more.

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Learn Online with Banjo Lessons from Tony Trischka

Tony Trischka has created a definitive video library that includes hundreds of banjo lessons, special guests, exclusive interviews, and performances. Students have unlimited access to all these online banjo lessons plus banjo tabs, backing tracks, and other study materials.

What ultimately sets these banjo lessons apart from other online offerings however, is the ability to submit a video for review using the ArtistWorks Video Exchange® learning platform. Tony Trischka reviews each submission and records a video response, offering tips about how to improve. All students can access Tony’s Video Exchange library, which has been steadily expanding since 2009 and may contain the key to unlock your playing.

Top Quality Banjo Lessons

  • 100s of banjo lessons at your own pace
  • All levels and styles of playing welcome
  • Slow Motion Isolation and Video Looping
Video Exchange® Learning

  • Submit practice videos to Tony Trischka
  • Get custom feedback on your playing
  • Practice the advice and improve

Worldwide Community

  • Connect with students around the world
  • Learn from everyone’s Video Exchanges 
  • Stay motivated to progress your playing

Tony Trischka Banjo Lessons

Click a lesson category below to explore the curriculum
  • Level 1: Beginner
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advanced
  • Old Time Fingerpicking
  • Classic Style Banjo
  • Clawhammer
  • Celtic Tunes

Level 1: Beginner

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 3: Advanced

  • “Heavy Traffic Ahead”
  • Other Drones - Part 1: 3rd String Pattern
  • Other Drones - Part 2: “John Hardy” Using 3rds
  • Other Drones - Part 3: Rhythm Variation
  • Other Drones - Part 4: “John Hardy” Using Rhythm Variation
  • Other Drones - Part 5: “Cripple Creek”
  • Other Drones - Part 6: “Cripple Creek” Variation -NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 7: 4th String Pattern -NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 8: 3rd and 4th String Pattern Etude - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 9: Pinch Pattern Variation - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 10: "Cripple Creek" A Part Variation - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 11: "Cripple Creek" B Part Variation - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 12: 1st and 3rd String Pinch Pattern - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 13: "9 Pound Hammer" Useful Pinch Lick - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 14: "John Hardy" Using 6ths - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 15: 1st and 3rd String Pinch Pattern Variation - NEW
  • Other Drones - Part 16: "John Hardy" Using Chromatic Pattern - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 17: Middle String Pedal Pattern - NEW!
  • Other Drones - Part 18: Middle String Pedal Pattern Etude - NEW!
  • Melodic Scale Patterns
  • Single String Scale Exercises

Celtic Tunes

  • “A Stranger in Cork”
  • “The Golden Castle”
  • “Saint Patrick's Day” -NEW!

Reviews for Tony Trischka's Banjo Lessons

  • "A ton of great banjo lessons. You get to submit video and have Tony respond. On top of that, everyone's videos/responses are available. So that gives you a video lesson on a ton of songs. Several times I've been looking for a break or ideas to spice up a break and I can find something cool in the Video Exchanges. Then on the forums, you can ask Tony questions. He typically responds in a day or so and is very personable."donthacker
  • "The banjo lessons already up on the site take you from raw beginner up through some advanced concepts. Then there are the special guest interviews/lessons with people like Noam Pikelny and Steve Martin teaching you. But the icing on the cake are the Video Exchanges. If you're a student you submit whatever you're working on - whether it is one of the banjo lessons from the site or just a tune you like. Tony checks out your version, makes technique suggestions, and generally offers a couple of variations for you to try. Oh, and Tony can direct you towards individual player's styles if that's what you're looking for. Want to do it like Earl? He'll go totally Scruggs on you. Or Don Reno? Or Bill Keith? It's all there."Chris Ragaisis
  • "This site has been great in pushing me, musically speaking. Were it not for the lessons, the forums, the students here and, of course, our incomparable instructor and mentor, I wouldn't be at the brink of playing in a professional setting. ArtistWorks has been more than supplemental material; it has been foundational. I can't overstate my appreciation for everyone here."TwoWeevils
  • "Tony's banjo lessons are so easy to follow and the tablature is very well done. I have also learned so much by watching the Video Exchanges. Tony's response videos always have several alternate licks and ideas and he covers many styles. I highly recommend the site to anyone."robbie93
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About Tony

Tony Trischka has inspired countless bluegrass and acoustic musicians for more almost 4 decades now. Trischka made his recording debut in 1971 on 15 Bluegrass Instrumentals with the band Country Cooking. He went on to record three solo albums between 1974 and 1976: Bluegrass Light, Heartlands, and Banjoland. Since 1978 he has played with artists such as Peter Rowan, Richard Greene, and Stacy Phillips, and countless others. His Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular album, which came out in 2004, received multiple IBMA awards and a Grammy Nomination. In 2010 he produced Steve Martin's highly acclaimed Rare Bird Alert album, which was nominated for Bluegrass Album of the Year. Trischka was the musical director for the documentary "Give Me the Banjo", which aired on PBS in 2011. Aside from teaching, Tony continues to push the boundaries of banjo music on stage and in the studio.

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