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Until now, only a handful of musicians had the privilege of studying trumpet with Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Trumpet and world-renowned teacher David Bilger.

Now through the power of ArtistWorks’ Video Exchange™ Accelerated Learning Platform, anyone wanting to get a competitive advantage in their quest for classical trumpet mastery can access David Bilger's online trumpet lessons and receive one-on-one feedback from a master.

You get unlimited access to an essential collection of HD video classical trumpet lessons, fundamental skills, etudes, key orchestral excerpts and solo repertoire created by David Bilger to help you with auditions and competitions. Whenever you need advice you can show David what you’re working on and get personalized video feedback designed to take your playing to the next level. These interactions are paired together online for you and all the students to learn from. 

ArtistWorks’ revolutionary Video Exchange™ Accelerated Learning connects you with David and a global community of trumpet players, all dedicated to taking their musicianship to the highest level.

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Profiles In Online Learning: Classical Scholarship Winners
Sep 23

online learning profile - taylor, clarinet student

After the first ever ArtistWorks Classical Scholarship competition, we wanted to get in touch with the winners to find out more about their background playing music and also their experience with our online learning platform. We have already heard from our flute student, Arnold from Texas, and so we now are proud to present an interview with the remaining three winners: Taylor (clarinet), Ryan (trumpet), and Paul (violin). 

How long have you been playing?

Taylor: I have been playing clarinet since the 5th grade and am now a senior in college, so this is my 12th year of playing!

Ryan: I have been playing trumpet for about eleven years now. I began in the 7th grade after being placed in brass class because percussion, which I signed up for was full. I am pretty happy with the way things have turned out.

Paul: I've been playing violin since I was six. My mother started giving me and my four siblings piano lessons when we turned four or five, but one day she saw an ad in the paper for a Suzuki program and asked me if I would like to take violin lessons. I'm glad that I said yes!

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