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Jazz & More Guitar Lessons: Gypsy Guitar: The Instrument

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Gypsy Guitar,
Gypsy Guitar: The Instrument.
By the way, this is you might be
wondering what kind of guitar I have.
This is beautiful gypsy guitar.
A copy of the original Selmer
guitar Django had with
a slightly different color.
And a slightly different bracing.
It's made by AJL Guitars in Finland.
It's a beautiful instrument.
As you can see I play it pure acoustic
I play it acoustically without any
And the difference from a regular
steel string guitar is that.
You see the, the strings go all the way
down here instead of just ending with,
by the, by the bridge.
So this is like a, a violin.
You have the tailpiece here.
The strings go all the way down.
And you use slightly different
strings than on a steel string.
This is this is light metallic strings.
I used a light metallic strings from Saga.
And they are called
Saga Gitane gypsy strings.
Very good.
And they are,
they are much easier to bend.
They're much lighter.
They are, the feeling is more,
more towards nylon.
It's not nylon, but it's,
the feeling is somewhere in between
nylon string and steel string.
Not as hard and
rough as the regular brown strings.
And as you can see the the shape
of the sound hole is different.
On these Gypsy guitars either the shape
is like this, or it's a small oval hole.
So that's just some some specs
about this beautiful guitar.
Made by a Ari-Jukka Luomaranta,
AJL Guitars in Finland.