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Dobro Lessons: Picking Patterns: Alternating Bass Strings

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Hey guys.
We've been working on some rolls, and some
other picking patterns.
What we're gonna do now is work on an
alternating bass type picking pattern.
Now this is a picking pattern that sort of
based off of a blues or
a finger style guitar type of picking.
What I would use this for sometimes is if
I'm singing and
accompanying myself, I might use this
And the idea is, you're almost simulating
a bass note with your thumb pick,
and playing little pieces of melody notes
with your other two picks.
So, the concept here is to sort of keep
the bass note going,
alternating between the root and the
In this case, we'll be doing it in G.
Talking about the G and the D strings.
So your thumb is just gonna continually go
back and forth between the G and
the D strings while we slowly get the
other fingers doing a few other things.
So, let's just go over it slowly.
And then after that we'll try it with this
exercise with the click track.
So, [SOUND] the idea is to use the sixth
string, and
the fourth string is sort of a root and
fifth baseline.
So you can just try that a little bit.
So once you get comfortable using that
thumb for the bass.
What I start to do is add my middle finger
for like a pinch chord.
So I do the, the G and then I do the two
Ds together.
So, that's sort of the next step in this.
And then the final step is gonna be adding
the index finger on an offbeat.
So, it's gonna sound like this.
So it sounds easy.
It's gonna be a little bit of a trick for
your brain but that's why it's a good
exercise because it's gonna be something
that's a little bit of a challenge.
And we'll do it slow here with a
So, you can refer to the music I've got,
let's try a little bit of it with the
metronome here.
[SOUND] One, two, three, four.
So, that's just sort of a one, four,
five chord progression using this
alternating bass type of technique.
And really like I said, what I find it
useful for is, if I wanna accompany maybe,
myself while I'm singing or just as an
exercise, it can be pretty beneficial.
All right, well, here you might wanna send
me a video.
This is a little bit of a challenging
exercise, and
I wanna see how you're doing.
Before you send it in,
maybe check out what I've said to other
students regarding this.
And but if you send me a video I'll take a
look and
I'll give you some feedback on it.