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Dobro Lessons: "Angeline The Baker"

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I've got some more music here for
you, we're gonna go over a song called
Angeline the Baker.
It's a song in the Key of D, and
it's sort of like a classic I guess you’d
call it a fiddle tune.
It does have some lyrics to it too but
stands alone as a really nice instrumental
in D.
And it's pretty well known.
If you go to any jam sessions, this is a
tune certainly might get called.
So, let's just walk through it a little
bit slowly, step by step, and
I can show you what's going on with it.
So if, you can refer to the music I've
provided, if you like.
So it starts off with this forward roll,
In the key of D.
Two of them really.
And the timing is just a little different
between the two.
So that's the first phrase, and
really the only tricky thing about it is
the leap between this G note.
And this B-note.
So you're going from like, the fifth fret
high string to the fourth fret third
Another way you could play it,
as this is a B note,
you could play the open B-string so it
would be
But I happen to like the fretted B note on
the 4th fret here just coz you can slide
into it and
it sustains real nice
so that might take you might want to
practice that little jump a few times, the
5 to the 4
on the 3rd string and then after that
again it's.
Some forward roll.
then a little melody on the high string.
And that's the whole first part.
So it sounds like this.
And that just gets repeated.
One other thing I'll mention when I'm
discussing these songs.
A lot of times there'll be like an a part
and a b part.
So the song will be sort of divided into
two sections.
That's the way this song is.
So what I just played was the A part, and
you play that twice.
So the form would be A, A.
Then we'll go on.
I'll show you a little bit about the B
You play that twice.
So that would be called B, B.
So then if you were to talk about the
whole form of the song somebody might say,
the form is A, A, B, B.
You play the A part twice, you play B part
So let's just go over the B part real
It starts on the seventh fret.
On that note, highest string.
And it goes like this.
With a big G chord there.
That's that open g open d fretted fourth
fret of the third string.
Beautiful g chord.
And then once
So the only tricky thing really on this is
the timing of a couple of these notes
right here.
And that's like a slide, and
then you just pull the bar off.
It's a pull-off.
So you don't even have to fret that open
D string, it just a pull off.
And the way you do a pull off is, you just
play a note and then pull your bar off
sort of in the direction towards you, and
it, you can almost give it a little snap
off, and that makes
the sound of the note as opposed to
plucking it with your right hand.
You're sort of making the, the note with a
movement of your left hand.
So then a little melody
and then essentially the same in
the second half.
that gives you sort of a walk-through.
Now we're gonna try it with some backing
tracks at a slow tempo, so
let's give that a try.