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Dobro Lessons: "Wabash Cannonball"

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Let's jump into a tune
here the Wabash Cannonball.
This is gonna use some of these old school
Dobro techniques that we've been
talking about and it's also a really neat
common Dobro song.
When you think Dobro music or somebody
says, hey why don't you play a Dobro song,
this is one of those ones that might fall
into that category so,
it's a good one to add to your repertoire.
I'll just go over a little bit of how the
Wabash Cannonball is supposed to sound,
and then we can get into playing it with
some backing tracks.
But, I'll just play you the first sort of
phrases here.
So that's the A part, it's starts off
with just a big rake on the open strings,
just with your thumb.
And then it's this hammer on and
pull off all on the highest strings and
the main thing with that is actually
more of the right hand technique.
I'm sorta doing a alternate picking type
of technique here, so you might wanna just
practice that on the highest
string a little bit, I'm going thumb and
middle finger back and forth.
You could try that just a little bit.
So that's the initial lick.
I'm doing all alternate picking on that.
And then,
sort of a classic,
old-time Dobro riff there.
That's the first time through,
and the second time through,
it's basically the same.
So just the ending
is the only difference,
and it's kind of, I also
do the alternate picking
on this high G note here.
The very ending's sort of just a slidey
little bit like that.
So the, the main technique to get a hold
of is this alternate picking thing.
But we'll go ahead and try it with some
backing tracks.
And I think this one goes four times
through, so it'll go quite a few times for
us, and we'll get to hear how it's
supposed to sound.