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Dobro Lessons: "Deep Ellum Blues"

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All right.
Now we're gonna go over a song that I've
recorded and
play pretty regularly on stage.
It's one called The Deep Ellum Blues.
Now, this is gonna be a, a song where,
generally they're singing.
But we're gonna do sort of like what would
be a solo over it or
maybe a, an intro, kick off melody to the
Deep Elm Blues.
So what we'll do is we'll go over it one
Just sort of out of time.
And then we'll play along with some
backing tracks and
check out what it sounds like in context.
So, I'll just go over some of the licks
[SOUND] You're gonna wanna get in this E
position, the 9th fret.
And this is what the first phrase sounds
So it's almost like,
if you were to hear a guitar player do a G
it's sort of like the same notes, but it's
in the key of E.
[SOUND] That's sort of the initial lick.
So it slides up to the 9th fret, 2nd
strong, 9th fret high string.
And then quickly,
[SOUND] plays the 11th fret high string.
[SOUND] So the way I do that with my right
hand is thumb, middle, thumb.
And one thing you'll notice is a lot of
times people will use their thumb on
the highest string, because it gives a
nice attack and really nice pop.
And then for the last note on the high E,
I use my middle finger again.
then it goes down
to the A chord.
[SOUND] This is essentially very close to
a 12 bar blues.
So, that
little part there.
That uses this x pattern that we
had discussed in a previous lesson.
If you want to get a little more in-depth,
you can refer back to that lesson on the x
patterns, but this is using it right here.
So this,
this x pattern right here for E.
That's what we're using on that lick.
And then [SOUND] couple octaves
to lead us up to the 4 chord in B.
Octaves on the lowest string and the 3rd
And again,
some octaves to get us through
the turnaround at the end.
So, let's go ahead and try it with the
back in track.