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Dobro Lessons: "Shady Grove"

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All right.
Well we've got the A minor scale down now
we're gonna incorporate it into a song.
The song's gonna be Shady Grove.
It's sort of a, a classic old song and a
great song to get playing in a minor key.
So, I'll go over the song slowly with you
one time and
then we'll play it with some backing
So it starts off with a few pick up notes,
like this.
[SOUND] Those are just the pick up notes,
the intro to the song really.
[SOUND] From there, it does this.
So, that's
the first phrase.
Now, that's really the only tricky part of
the song when you have to leap from the
2nd fret of the 3rd
string to the 4rth fret of the 4th string.
Just be aware of that little part.
It's good when we're learning these songs
to just sort of point out
the trickier parts.
And if you're learning a song on your own,
it's good to find those first and try and
practice them on their own.
It goes right up the minor scale and
ends with just a power chord.
2nd fret of the 3rd string and 2nd fret of
the high string.
[SOUND] Then it goes to a C chord.
[SOUND] Just two C chords right there.
A little hammer-on and
pull-off on the high string [SOUND] on a G
And then to end the phrase.
A quick triplet hammer-on and
pull-off at the very end.
Then it plays it up and octave.
So [SOUND] it's based off of this A note
here, this 7th fret.
So [SOUND] and then it slides
up to this 14th fret position.
[SOUND] Again, the C notes.
So, you're essentially playing
the same melody in two different octaves.
We'll go ahead and try it with some
backing tracks now.
And so you can hear it in context.