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Dobro Lessons: Metronome: The Next Step

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Here we're gonna talk about using
a metronome and how to best use it to
improve your playing.
One thing that I like to do, particularly
for warm ups,
is to use the metronome with, say, a roll
Now you could use a roll exercise that
we've already discussed,
maybe forward rolls, and I'll also show
you another one that I use for warm-up.
The roll that we're gonna do for this
exercise is forward rolls.
Just like that.
So, three, three, three, three, and back.
And what I do to warm up is I'll do this.
And then to get the left hand involved,
I add it to the first fret.
And then.
And the next fret.
And, I'll go all the way up the neck like
And this is a great warm up exercise.
And what I do I've got this little
metronome here.
It's nothing special, and any metronome
will do.
But, what I'm gonna do is get the
metronome going and
do some of these exercises, and then I
increase the tempo, say ten beats
per minute each time and get going from
slow all the way to really fast.
So this is how this works.
[SOUND] One, two, three, four.
And so when I feel it, you got that tempo
I'll go ahead and bump it up 10 to 12
beats a minute and continue on.
And so on.
So eventually, I'll go up another 12 beats
per minute and
you can hear it getting faster.
And so
And I might go all the way up the neck at
one tempo.
I'll bump it up again.
Here's 120.
So you get the idea.
Eventually, I might have this all the way
up at 100 and 60 beats per minute.
And so on.
And so usually, what I'll do is, I'll get
this going pretty much
as fast as I play and maybe even, a little
beyond just to test myself.
Now this is pretty intensive for both the
right and left hand.
So, if you feel any tension or if you feel
any cramping or
anything like that, just take a break,
it's no big deal.
But the idea is to use that metronome to
start really slow and
then build up in increments.
And you can use that for any of the
exercises that we've discussed, or
you can make up your own.
It's a good way to warm up, and
it's a great way to get right hand
dexterity and stamina together.