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Dobro Lessons: "May The Circle Be Unbroken"

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Let's get in to combining
rolls and melodies.
We've learned rolls as an exercise, but
let's talk a little bit
about how you can incorporate those in to
songs and in to melodies.
When you think about a song melody, it
could be really simple.
But with the Dobro, one thing you can do
to sorta help drive a song and
help make it sound exciting is to add
rolls in the spaces in between
the melody notes and sorta incorporate a
whole melody into a roll, for example.
That's the first
few bars of Will a Circle Be Unbroken.
Now, the melody on it's own is pretty
simple and
we covered it in an early lesson.
That's the melody on
it's own without the rolls.
When you put the rolls in, you can hear
the difference.
So what that does is it really provides
quite a bit of drive and it's based off of
a banjo style,
really a three finger rolling banjo style.
Now the hard thing is to figure out
exactly how to get that roll
combined with the melody, because the
melody on its own is just
the timing of it is just gonna do its own
It is what it is.
So you have to figure out how to fit the
roll around the timing of the melody.
So, with this melody.
You sort of need to take your time and
figure out how you can incorporate the
roll into that.
And so sometimes,
you might be doing a forward roll.
you might be coming back to do a reverse
And sometime, you have to just really take
your time and
figure out exactly what rolls is going to
work in those spaces.
It may take some time, but the more you
develop it, the easier it's going to get.
So what I've done is I've got this tune
little circle being broken and
I've written out a whole way to play it
with rolls incorporating the melody.
So it can give you a head start in trying
to figure this kind of thing out.
Now like I say, if you've got a melody
you're trying to learn and
you wanna add some rolls into it it might
take a while to get it exact.
But you can also just do whatever feels
right when you're learning the melody,
just work your own roll in there, however
you feel.
But it's good on some of these songs if
you want it to be real accurate to really
take the time to figure out exactly what
roll is gonna work just right.
In this song, it's mostly forward rolls.
So we'll go through just a little bit step
by step here.
And I'll play you just the first measure
one more time.
So, it's got two pickup notes.
the first
And as you can notice, it's mostly just
forward rolls.
And I'm just using the 4th string, the 3rd
string and the 1st string.
So, you can look at the music and see how
this happens.
But what you've got is a three string roll
going over the bar lines, for instance
For awhile,
it might just be forward rolling,
because that note in the melody is just
sustained out.
So, I think what we'll do is go ahead and
play this one time with the backing track
So you can hear how it sou, this whole
song sounds with the roll.
So, lets go to the back and track going
and try it through one time and
you can refer to your music if it helps