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Dobro Lessons: How To "Dobroify" A Melody If Needed

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We're gonna talk a little bit about
how to Dobroify, if you will, a melody.
Now, I made up the word Dobroify.
But what I mean is a lot of melodies,
particularly like on fiddle songs or
melodies that are moving along really fast
are going to be really tough to play on
the Dobro.
So, what we need to do is figure out ways
that we can really sort of imply
the melody, but not feel like we have to
play every single note of a tune.
So, there's a lot of songs that fall into
this category.
The way you do this is you sort of focus
on the most important
parts of the melody and try to get those.
You can try to play in the same range as
the melody, but
you don't necessarily have to get every
single note.
A good example would be the song Forked
Now, [SOUND] this song is in the key of D.
And the real melody sounds something, like
Now, that's pretty tough to do and
it's a lot of notes.
So, you wanna find a way to sort of make
it easier for you on the Dobro,
so you know.
[SOUND] If you have all those notes, you
could eliminate some of them.
You've got the low D [SOUND] and you've
got a high A.
Well, I could play something like this.
As opposed to.
This, this is much easier.
So that is just one way you can start to
use your ear to try to word Dobroify a
Instead of playing all these notes,
[SOUND] you could just do something like
And you're skipping [SOUND] a couple of
those more difficult notes.
So it's simplifies it and
the Dobro has a lot of sustain, so
you don't have to feel like you have to
play every little note,
cuz the Dobro will sustain through a lot
of this.
So, what I've got here is an example, the
song Forked Deer.
And you'll hear, it's not the exact
But it's really implied in the way I've
written it here,
so you can get an idea of how this might
go about happening.
So, let's get the backing track going and
I'll show you how this is played.
sort of
just a
There's a few spots where you can really
hear it.
Particularly, [SOUND] right at that little
ending note.
And the very beginning lick [SOUND] is
just much easier than.
Now if you like,
you can learn a song with the complete
even if it's a challenging one and I
encourage you to do that.
But you're also gonna want to learn some
of these
techniques on how to make a melody little
bit easier for you.
Because a lot of times, you'll learn a
song at a slow tempo and
you're playing it maybe at home.
And it seems like you may have your, a, a
good handle on it, but
that you get into a jam session or a
playing situation.
All of a sudden, the tempo's quite a bit
faster, it may be challenging.
So it's good to that even two versions of
some of these fiddle tunes.
So, what we'll do now is try this same
tune Forked Deer at a slightly higher
tempo and you can see how using some of
these slides and
eliminating some of the melody notes can
help us play at a faster tempo.
there you
can see
the tempo
got quite
a bit faster and
you can imagine
the real
melody in
all those
notes, how
that would be.
Now I will say, I do have a,
a version of this in the advanced section
that has all the melody notes.
So you get to hear what that sounds like
with the complete melody, but you also get
to hear what a sort of Dobroed up version
is like, which is this one here.
Now if you'd like, you can send me a video
you can Dobroify a tune of your choice.
Send it in and I'll take a look at it.
If you want to send a video in on Forked
Deer, take a look and
see if I've already answered your question
with another student video.
But if not, feel free and send me one.
I'm happy to take a look at it and give
you some feedback.