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Dobro Lessons: Melodic Style Playing

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Well here we're gonna talk about
a pretty cool technique that you can learn
it's a melodic style playing.
This is based off the melodic style of
banjo playing of.
Maybe Bill Keith and others.
So the idea here is that you can do a lot
of cool
melody playing up higher on the neck.
Usually we think when we're playing sort
of faster melodies,
we have to be down on the lower part of
the neck so we can do hammer ons and
pull offs
That's a great way to do this, but, with
melodic playing,
what you're doing is, you're doing faster,
type of playing, up higher on the neck
And what this involves is.
The, the thing that makes this tricky is
a, with a lot of this,
you're playing
You might be playing an open B string on
the second string.
And then you're playing a higher note on a
lower string.
So it's a little counterintuitive at first
but if you get a few of
the patterns under your belt, you'll be
able to sort of get the flow of it.
But yeah, the, the weird thing is that
playing a higher note on a lower string.
That's sort of one of the signature things
to the melodic style playing.
So key of G is really
one of the best keys to try
this in and
I've got a couple of exercises here.
The good way to start is just with a few
Don't you know, we don't have to do whole
scales this is a good
starting place
that's just a real basic one.
And it's in the key of G, but you're here
on the fifth fret.
Play the open string.
Fifth fret second string, open string
fifth fret, third string
open B
And then you can shift it down
to here.
We've got open B
and then the fifth fret of the third
open B, seventh fret when you get down
here the fourth string, open G
so just do a couple notes at a time to
start so that's the idea.
And once you get it going,
it almost has like a rolling effect.
So, I've got some of these written out.
You can go slow and sort of get the feel
of them.
But once you get your right hand moving in
this motion, it, it can become pretty
natural so that's all in the key of G
You can also do, some of this, in other
keys, C and D mainly.
The key of D, there's really only one note
difference, and that's,
you're, instead of playing a C note,
you're playing a C sharp note,
So, in the key of D,
it's really looks the same,
you're just playing a,
a C sharp, instead of a C
So that's a brief overview of melodic
style playing.
Let's just go over a couple more of these
Here's the second line of melodic playing
You can
hear you get
a whole scale
You can get the whole G scale right there.
Practice some of these exercises, and
then, coming up,
we've got a really cool tune that's going
to use some these techniques.