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Dobro Lessons: "St. Annes Reel"

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Speaking of fiddle tunes on the Dobro,
I've got a great one here it's called St.
Anne's Reel.
And this is a song that's in the key of D.
I'm gonna just sort of give you an
overview of it.
Sorta some of the the focal points.
And then we're gonna play it with some
backing tracks.
So it's in the key of D, and
the range that you're gonna be using is
from this low D, open D.
All the way up to here and then, up to the
seventh fret D.
So, that's gonna give you your, your sort
of range.
Seventh fret D, down to this low open D.
Now this melody focuses on the third.
So F-sharp.
That's where it starts.
So that's sort of
the initial passage.
And so you're gonna see it's a melody
playing and
a little bit of sort of rolling pattern.
So what, what I'm doing there for
this fiddle tune is I'm combining the
notes with just a little bit of rolling.
The melody without the rolling might sound
like this.
Those are the focus notes and
that's the actual melody.
Sometimes what I'll do is add a few little
sort of, incidental rolls in there.
So listen to the difference.
Here's without the roll one more time.
Nice and clean.
Here's with a roll for
a little more drive
So you can hear the difference.
It's kind of a matter of personal
If you wanna real clean melody, you can
just do it withouts the extra roll notes.
If you wanna little bit more drive you can
add sort of a rolling pattern in there.
So, let's also go over the chords to this
song real quick cuz there's a few more
than just your standard one, four, five.
So the A part, the chords
are D, G, D, G, A, D.
That's pretty simple.
One, four five.
It's the B part that gets a little more
You've got D, E minor,
A, D, B minor,
E minor, A, D.
So once again the B part chords,
D, E minor, A, D,
B minor, E minor, A, D.
And so I'll also mention, when you're
looking at this music and
playing along with the backing tracks, not
only can you use the backing tracks to
practice the melodies, but you can use the
backing tracks to play the chords as well.
Now, and a lot of these songs have got the
chords written out, so
you can see where they're changing.
So I recommend trying the rhythm and the
melody at different times.
So, let's go ahead and play this St.
Anne's Reel with a backing track at a
moderate tempo.