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Dobro Lessons: "Black Rock"

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Well since we're here in this open D
I'd like to demonstrate a song for
you that I've had a lot of requests for.
It's a song that I do in the Infamous
String Dusters.
And it's one that you can find on YouTube
in various forms,
but I've tabbed out the whole thing, and,
I'd like to demonstrate it for
you slowly it's the song Black rock so,
it's based
off of the D minor pentatonic scale
And it's just a lot of D minor pentatonic
with some hammer ons and pull offs
that's sort of the idea.
I've got the music here and you can follow
So let's
get a backing
track up
our metronome
and I'm
gonna play
along kinda
slow for
you one
time [SOUND]
one, two,
three, four
So that's the whole thing.
Blackrock the a and b parts at a slow
I'll just play the ending for you real
quick I don't need the metronome or
But just so you can see that slowed down.
That's pretty much the whole melody to the
But I'll just give you the ending here.
Just so you have
the whole thing.
One more time
So there's Black Rock at 85 beats per
Now, let's try Black Rock at a slightly
higher tempo.
We'll go for 110 beats per minute.
Now, usually, if we play this live,
it's probably going more like, 130,
somewhere in there.
Maybe between 130, 140.
But here's another version, just a little
slower than I would do it live,
but a little closer to up to speed, so
here's one ten one, two, three.