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Dobro Lessons: “Wildwood Flower” - Key of C

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So, all right.
Now that we've got the key of C coming
together, and we've got our C major scale
under our hands, we're gonna go ahead and
move on to another tune.
I love getting these tunes going because
one neat thing about learning is,
is getting the repertoire together, like
learning more songs.
One thing that I sorta learned as I was
playing and
learning the Dobro is, over time I had
learned a lot of exercises but
I actually didn't have a lot of tunes
under my belt.
So, with this school of Dobro,
I'm trying to really use all the lessons
to then guide you to tunes.
So, after this key of C major scale we're
gonna go to Wildwood Flower.
It's a great old-time song Mother Maybelle
Carter made popular.
And so we're gonna do it key of C, we're
gonna do at 60 beats per minute, and
you can follow along with your music.
So we'll see how you do.
Here it goes.
[SOUND] One, two, three.
there's the
Wildwood Flower
in the key
of C, 60
beats per
One thing I didn't mention is this tune
also has some pickup notes in it,
right at the beginning.
Those first two notes are considered
pickup notes.
A lot of tunes will have that you'll find
as we go through the curriculum.
And, just a note about technique,
as you're, practicing these songs, just
remember to stay relaxed.
Especially on these pretty songs, you
know, there's no reason to tense up,
you wanna make sure your posture is is
still pretty decent.
The right hand should just be resting
comfortably here and
you should just be playing with a nice
even strike, not too hard, not too soft.
And then the left hand
it takes some time to get the intonation
well on this, so you may hear yourself.
If you play a little out of tune it's no
problem, just just be aware and
use your eyes to help you keep in tune,
that's what I do is I,
I watch my left hand a lot when I play.
When you're starting you may notice that
you're gonna be looking at your right hand
some as well because you're sorta just
getting comfortable with the picks,
you're getting comfortable, using the
right hand to, to strike the strings.
But, you'll notice as you go and as you
get more comfortable,
your eyes tend to go more towards, the
left hand and the bar hand and
that's gonna really help, keep your
intonation together.
So I know now it seems like you're trying
to think of a lot of stuff to play these
simple melodies, but, the more you
practice the easier and more natural it's
gonna get and you can just focus on being
expressive and, and playing in tune.
So you wanna keep that pressure just even
with the left hand.
And, and watch it and just use your ear
and your eye to make sure that you're
staying in tune.
Well, I've got another
backing track example here for you.
We're gonna do the Wildwood Flower with
guitar backup.
It's 60 beats a minute.
>> [SOUND] One, two, three.
So that's the Wildwood Flower in C.
Let's try one more version, just a little
bit faster with the backing track.
>> [SOUND] One, two, three.