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Dobro Lessons: “Maiden's Prayer”

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Here we're gonna do
the Maiden's Prayer.
This lesson, we're gonna take an in depth
look at the song and,
it's in the key of G, and this is a great
song to get into your repertoire.
It's a classic tune made popular by Uncle
Josh Graves.
And a lot of people are familiar with the
song, and
it's, it's a relatively easy song to play
as far as the chords, it's just G, C,
and D, so you can get folks to back you up
pretty easily on this one.
So yeah, we're just gonna take an in-depth
look at all the parts of this song,
and then after that, you can check out the
performances at a couple different tempos.
But it starts off with a little pickup
lick that sounds like this.
And in this first lick,
it starts with a pinch
on the third string and the first string.
And this pinch right here where I'm using
the thumb and
the middle finger [SOUND] is you're gonna
find a lot of that in this song,
using this open D string while sliding up
here on the third string.
[SOUND] And it's a really cool sound.
It's sort of a, almost like a country
sound or a pedal steel sound.
And it's something unique to the Dobro
that almost no other instrument can do
where you have an open string ringing and
then a note sliding up at the same time.
So that little simple lick there is
something really unique to the Dobro, and
it's cool to get in your bag of tricks.
So it starts off with this pickup.
And then that low.
That low G string you strike with the
thumb is the first note of the tune so
from there.
That's the very first lick after
the pick up.
Starts on the low string, slides up, and
then a little lick there on the fourth
and then another one are these pinches.
And then
And that's what gets you to the C chord.
So, when you hear that
and that little arpeggio there is on
the C.
Then the next chord is the D.
The five chord.
And what you're gonna do is you're gonna
play a D seven, basically by playing this.
So those two notes are just C on the third
string and an open B.
those two notes actually make a D7 chord.
So that much right there, sounds like
here's the D7.
there you're on the five chord and that,
this right here coming up I think is sort
of the most challenging part of the song.
So that's a sort of a difficult
little lick so
and it's because you have to fret
the second fret of the third string
and then quickly fret.
The fourth fret of the fourth string.
And then get back to this D7 chord.
So you may wanna practice that little part
sort of on its own.
And then from there it's,
it's pretty smooth sailing.
And then it repeats the same intro lick.
And most of the first part.
And then the final
part is this right here.
And that's
how it ends.
And what's happening there is it's,
the chords are going from the C back to
the G and back and forth, so.
G, C, G.
C, G, D, G.
So what that sounds like once again is.
And that's
actually on the D, and
that's how it ends.
So, that gives you just a little bit of a
breakdown of the different parts,
maybe some of the more challenging parts.
And when I think of these tunes, a lot of
these classic tunes are almost
broken down into four large parts, if you
think about it.
So, you know, you've got the first part
That would be one.
This would be two.
>> [MUSIC].
>> And then three is pretty much the same
as one.
>> [MUSIC].
>> It's actually exactly the same, and
then this would be four.
So, if you break these tunes down into
their sort, into sort of different parts,
you start to see a pattern, and usually,
they'll break down into four little
So, that's the breakdown of the Maiden's
Now you can check out the plate examples
if you like and good luck.