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Dobro Lessons: Increasing Feel & Emotion

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In this lesson, we're gonna take a look at
how to increase the feel and
the emotion and the impact of, your
playing, to the listeners.
So, you know, a lot of time when we learn
we learn the notes and we learn them in
And and, and that's great, and they sound
good, and that's sorta the foundation.
But the thing that separates amazing
players that you love to listen to and
people who just you know, sorta play for
Is this sorta the feel and the emotion
behind what they're playing.
And the notes may not be that complicated.
But the, the way they affect you and
the way they impact you may be, you know,
So what we're gonna do is, I'm gonna show
you a few ways to play
that are really gonna help make the
playing sound more interesting.
So one thing that you can do is add a
little bit of swing to your playing.
To the feel of your playing.
Let me give you an example.
So you know and let me play some something
like that without the feel and
you'll sorta hear the difference.
So, what you want to do is when I swing it
I'm kinda
it's more of a as opposed to [SOUND] it's
more of a [SOUND].
It's like a shuffle feel.
So adding a little bit of that swing to
your playing can really help.
So you know, when you're playing along
with the metronome.
You know this is where you're not gonna be
playing every note perfectly with
the metronome, you're gonna be going
You know you can lay back even on the beat
a little bit.
And, and you know sorta play with playing
behind the beat,
playing ahead the beat a little bit.
You know, and, and this is gonna really
increase sorta the emotion.
And that's, you know, that's the way we
talk, we don't talk like robots.
We shouldn't play like robots, you know?
So as you have a conversation with
somebody sometimes you know,
the tempo, the, the meter of what you say
So should it be when you're playing.
You wanna continue to play in time, but,
you know,
you wanna accent different rhythmic
So the swing is one way to do it.
Another thing you wanna do is change the
volume of certain notes.
And this is something that I have noticed
in some of the video exchanges that I do.
Is people are playing songs correctly, it
sounds great.
But what you can do to add emotion, you
know just like when someone is speaking,
somethings sound louder than others.
So let me give you an example of that.
You know, so certain notes pop out more
then others.
You know, the human brain and the human
ear can't sit and
listen to something that's so metronomic,
that you lose interest.
But if, if there's volume dynamics in what
playing that's going to really make a big
So, and, and as well as adding the swing.
So you know, once you've got volume
with different notes standing out, that
you feel are important.
Along with the feel of the swing,
you're going to really get some neat some
neat sounds.
So yeah, just practice, practice doing
Doing licks, you can do it with songs.
You know, or you can just do it with say a
hammer on exercise.
So that's a demonstration of the swing
feel, changing volume dynamics.
Use some of those techniques to really
increase the emotion in your playing.