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Dobro Lessons: “Greensleeves”

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All right.
Well now we're gonna go over
sort of a pretty neat old melody that most
people recognize.
It's Green Sleeves and I put this in the
advanced section just because the chords
are much more involved than a lot of the
other songs we've been working on so.
this is an A minor and
it starts on the A minor
but we're playing essentially a C
chord for the first two notes.
We're playing C and G
but those also make
an A minor chord.
An A minor seven chord really.
So a C and
G work really good over that A minor.
So I play it like that.
And there's the official C chord.
And then you've got this E minor chord, so
there's, the key with this song is,
is getting the melody notes in with some
of these other chord tones.
And in the tablature I have a version of
just with the melody without the chords.
In the melody but I thought I'd show this
to you with, with the other chord tones.
So with the right hand it's a little
complicated you gotta be really accurate.
And then there
we've got a pretty big leap,
we go from the A minor to the F on the
tenth fret.
Down to the set D minor
back up to E major.
And what I'll do when I hit some of these
chords is instead of just [SOUND] striking
them like that, I'll do sort of a [SOUND]
like a quick little roll,
almost like a tremolo, you know, roll or
It's kind of a nice effect.
I'll use a lot of that on some of these
major chords.
[SOUND] Same as the first part and then it
ends, F, E major.
Back to A minor.
So the whole first part is just in A
You know, you've got a bunch of chords,
you've got A minor
E minor there, and then F
D minor
E major.
So you get an E minor and
an E major in there.
That's the E minor and
then F, E major
A minor.
And then for the second part it goes to C
G, E minor and then from here,
it's similar to the A part.
F, D minor, E major, and then back to the
C once again.
And I do the roll here.
It's a force string roll, so I use thumb,
thumb, index, middle.
Pinch there.
And that on the right hand, that little
section is actually pretty,
pretty challenging.
So I go, so you do the
pinch on the first.
First and third index on the B.
And then index and thumb on the G and the
So that, you get two indexes right in a
That seems to be the best way to play it.
And then another index there, so
that little section is the hardest part
because you're using so
much of the index finger, so watch my
right hand.
So, when I play this song, you know,
it might good as a practice to just start
out doing the chords.
It's in three-quarters time, and just do.
You know, just get ahold of the chorus.
And same for
the B part.
C, C to G,
E minor.
F, D, E major.
Down to the C.
G, E minor, F, E major A.
So you can almost hear the whole melody
just by playing those chords.
So that's a good way to start.
It's just playing through it with just the
Then get the chord melody going and you're
gonna have a real nice version of,
of Greensleeves in the key of A minor.