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Dobro Lessons: Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs

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So one other technique I'd like to talk to
you about before we start getting into
playing some basic songs, is the technique
of a hammer-on and a pull-off, and
this has to do with the left hand and the
So a lot of times when we're playing
we just pluck the note, slide the bar.
And one thing we're gonna wanna practice
is something called a hammer-on,
which is where we pluck a string open, and
then set the bar down.
Strum without using the right hand again
to pluck the string,
so it's almost as if by setting the bar
down that's an additional pluck.
But you don't actually have to use your
right hand, so
you pluck the note, and then set the bar
Here I'm doing it on the third fret of the
high string.
So just practice that with me a little
So when I do that I'm tilting the bar
forward a little bit so
I'm only playing this high string.
The pinky and ring finger are resting,
sort of muting the strings below.
And just place that down on there.
You know, so you can find with all the
sustain you get from lapse,
still you can pluck one note.
And get several notes outta that by just
setting the bar down and maybe sliding it.
Now, the sorta the companion to the
hammer-on is the pull-off.
So a hammer-on, makes sense, you hammer
the bar on.
A pull-off is the opposite.
So you're fretting a note.
The bar is on the, the string, say, in
this instance, on the third fret.
You pluck a note
and then you pull the bar off.
Like that.
Now this technique takes a minute to get
the hang of
you don't wanna go straight up
Because you get kind of a bit of a zing
And what you wanna do is pull more towards
Almost with a little tiny snap.
Just like that.
So just give yourself a minute to practice
And pull-offs.