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Dobro Lessons: “Sweet Home Chicago”

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All right here we have the classic
blues song Sweet Home Chicago.
And in this we're doing just a basic
version in the key of d.
And it's, you know, using the techniques
that we've learned before,
I'm gonna sort of, show you a couple of
other things get a little bit more in
depth with as far as the left hand and how
to bar and move the slide around.
So let's just look at this starting at the
Starts with a slide into this D note,
now you notice on a lot of these I'm using
which is where I slide in and then I move
the bar back and forth to give it,
sort of, a little bit of the extra sort of
[SOUND] And that vibrato you can sort of
I, I've got my pinkie and my index finger
sort of anchored.
I got the tip of the bar tilted forward.
And I make sure that I've got the tip of
the bar only on the string that I'm
playing for now.
[SOUND] And I just glide it back and
You can try that.
So from the top.
Now that first little lick,
it's got a lot, because you're going,
you're using four strings pretty quickly
And so what I'm doing is I bring my bar,
as I go from high strings to low strings,
I bring the tip of the bar back.
And so that's something you can check out,
I mean, you can leave the bar, bar over
all these strings,
but it tends to leave other things
So if you want it to be clean, you can
move the bar,
the tip so it just, it comes back this
And, when you do that, what I do is, these
fingers here,
tend to go out in front of the bar and
mute the string that I was playing.
When I come off of that first string, onto
the second string these fingers
here mute the high strings so that there's
not things just ringing out.
So you probably just
want to practice that a few times.
And this part, you're sliding down on
the third string, and then sliding up on
the fourth string.
So you, you slide down third fret to first
fret [SOUND] and then you slide up there,
That's got quite a bit of, sliding
happening, and
there get to do a downslide and then an
up-slide, so
you may just want to just practice some of
And then on the second line, just a big G
chord there.
You can just use your thumb pick to slide
maybe add a little vibrato.
And then a similar lick is the first one.
And a little ending
tag like, and then
that's the third line.
First and second measure, the third line,
that's on the A chord.
then to end it,
so this last little bit.
And then it ends with a,
a turn around back to the A chord.
And so when I'm playing low notes I
actually tend to angle my bar back
like this.
Like if I want to just play that low
string, I angle my bar back.
You know if I'm playing single notes like
this, I angle my bar forward but
on the low string as opposed to putting
the tip of your bar there, where you're,
it's easy to sort of miss, I just angle it
the other way.
And it makes it real
easy to hit the string.
And, so yeah, you can try that.
That's Sweet Home Chicago.
You know, you can, make sure your bar is,
is on the strings that you want, and not
just covering all, everything.
And there you can practice a little bit of
vibrato as you go through this song.
Practice your slides and hopefully it's
something that you'll find useful.