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Dobro Lessons: “Preachin Blues”

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All right, well I thought I'd throw
something a little bit more advanced in
in this lap steel curriculum.
This is sort of an adaptation, my take on
a, an old Robert Johnson song,
of Preachin' Blues.
And it's interesting because the intro to
this song is actually
sort of its own thing and its own tempo
and then when the main riff kicks in it,
it jumps up to a new tempo which is kind
of a neat interesting thing.
And obviously this is mainly for when
you're playing by yourself or
if you've got a group of people who really
knows what's going on here but if
you look at the music, it starts off with
just these big chords on the 12th fret.
And, I just use my thumb pick for
all of that and it's three beats per three
strikes per beat.
One, two, three, one, two, three, one,
two, three, one, two, three, one,
two, three, one.
And I kinda slide into every three, you
And I just use my thumb
pick for all of that.
It doesn't have to be super clean, in
fact, it's better if it's not,
it's better if it has just a little bit
of, you know, dirty, looseness to it.
So, it
starts off
>> So it kinda does this classic blues
And that's just at
the end of the first line.
And then
kind of, that's where the tempo changes,
right here it's gonna stop and then it
So right there just sort of jumps
the tempo, starts a new thing.
And when you're playing by yourself you
can do stuff like that.
There really are no rules as long as it
sounds good.
So now this riff here basically you're
doing double stops on the high two,
highest two strings and then doing a sort
of muted thunk on the low string,
on this low open D, you know, I have my
palm kinda muting this lowest string.
So that's the idea it just kind of goes
back and forth,
it's like, double stop, thunk, double
So the bass with
your thumb kind of keeps going.
Just like that.
While your other fingers do
and, and I'm muting these too.
And you can that just by lifting the bar.
You can just tilt the bar like this.
And your ring finger stays on the strings
to mute him, so.
And the last one,
is sort of a little
roll, like that.
And that's sorta the crux of the,
the main riff of this song is that.
So it does that three times.
So that's sort
of a tricky part.
After the third time of this,
it hits that twice.
[SOUND] That's sort of a tricky little
It sort of jumps into almost like a Travis
picking type of thing,
an alternate right hand picking.
So let me just demonstrate that for you.
so that's a pretty standard
sort of finger picking maneuver there.
And that can be used on it's own.
So the thumb just keeps going back and
forth like this.
You can practice that.
So it's thumb, pinch, thumb, thumb,
pinch, thumb, thumb, pinch.
And that just happens for a moment, but
when you hear it in context,
and then back into this.
So that completes that section,
and then it does this other sort of,
new section where it's just more
of a single note kind of a, riff.
And it's syncopated, so
I've got this little board here to tap
some tempo so.
so you just sort of practice that,
so that, you know,
it starts right after the first tap.
On the up beat.
And then to end it
just does this, very simple, it's a,
it's a three note pinch using your thumb,
and middle all playing, all pinching at
the same time,
and then you're fretting the thumb note on
the fifth string,
three, two, two, one, one, oh, oh, three,
Does that three times.
And then just a very last line
to end it.
So once again when you look at the
beginning, it's its own sort of, thing.
And then we
begin the faster time.
And that
Travis picking.
So you can divide these,
these different riffs almost into
exercises on their own,
you know, you've got this one.
That's one.
And then here.
This Travis picking can be one.
And then this lick where you slide up to
the five and
you're playing the, the open D, D string
is one.
And then the ending lick is one.
So you can get a whole lot out of
this song, you can get a lot of different
sort of elements,
a lot of different picking techniques and
if you sort of,
extract them from the tune and practice
them on their own they sound great, when
you add them all together you get this
really neat version of Preaching Blues.