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Dobro Lessons: “Stoney Point”

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Welcome back.
Here we have the song Stony Point, this is
a, sort of a classic jam tune,
you know, Tony Rice has a great version of
A lot of people have played this song, and
you know what I like to do for
a lot of these lessons is just sort of
breakdown and
give you the version that I have always
played, the way that I play it.
You know, as a Dobro player, you kind of,
sometimes you make up your own way,
sort of to play these songs, and it sticks
really close to the melody, but there's
certain little rolls and slides and things
that make the Dobro version kinda unique.
This is, so I'll show you the way I've
always kind of played this song.
And it's sort of a repetitive, kind of
rolling type of vibe.
Starts with a couple pick up notes.
And then
That first little role is actually pretty
cool and driving.
just do that.
That's the first little bit.
So I would take that piece, and just kinda
practice that on its own.
Just get that down and look at what I'm
doing with my right hand.
How, how, how I play this.
These first bits are, are middle, and
middle finger and thumb.
And for that last piece
I use all three fingers.
And then here's where there's something
really neat.
I decided to make this,
what I call melodic style playing, where
you're playing up the neck here, and
you're using a lot of open strings.
And you're playing notes that are higher
on the lower strings.
So the way this looks is.
And it gets this really nice rolling
It's a little bit of a tongue twister kind
of, you know,
it's a little bit of a finger twister.
But if you look at my right hand, how it's
doing that, it,
it ends up being just kind of forward
And once you get comfortable with that,
it ends up being a way to play those notes
pretty fast.
So practice that on its own too, that's a
great exercise in melodics Dobro playing.
And that one's gonna take you a little
while to get.
The other way you could play it is
is down here.
That would be pretty common to play it
down here with hammer ons and pull offs.
But that's an alternative, but I decided
to do this melodic style as I call it.
So you can try both but I've got the
melodic style and the tablature.
And then for the B part, it goes down to
an E minor chord.
Which I'm playing on the second fret, like
a like an octave.
So I play this E note, second fret fourth
And then this E note, second, second fret
first string, so.
So that's the initial lick of the B part.
And once again, take that little piece out
just practice that on its own before you
dive into the whole tune.
So you notice as we go along through this
song, there's a lot of little rolley
pieces that are great right hand technique
and, and sort of brain exercises.
And then the second piece.
That's kind of a nice sort of more modern
Dobro lick.
So it goes from the D chord.
A roll on the D major.
And ends on that E note.
You know,
And then to end the B part, you once again
go back to this melodic style.
And, you know, once you get comfortable
playing in that melodic style,
that's a really, it can be an easy way for
you to get a lot of notes in, you know?
So, you know, this is a real sort of a bit
of a tongue twister, but
it sounds really pretty,
and this is a way for a Dobro player to
get all of the right melody notes in.
There's a few different techniques here,
but, you know, the right hand is what's
gonna really be the challenge on this one,
and so just pay attention to what I'm
doing with my right hand and read the
tablature, see what you think.
Feel free and send me a video if you get
confused or need a little help with this.
I'm always here to check out what you're
doing and see how it's going.
So, check this one out.
It's Stony Point.