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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Welcome to the Vocal School

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Welcome to the curriculum part
of the Jeannie Deva Vocal School.
What you'll find in this first section,
are lessons that cover many of
the fundamental singing skills needed by
all singers.
You'll learn how to achieve natural breath
control, and how to care for your voice.
As you move along in the lessons, I'll
help you develop vocal ease,
range, power, stamina, and confidence in
your voice.
Even for those of you who are advanced
it's a good idea to go through the
sequence of steps I've provided.
With this wealth of knowledge and
application, I'll help you raise the bar
on your vocal performances, as you develop
and expand your own voice and style.
Rather than thinking of these as beginner
think of these lessons more like
foundation building lessons.
For those of you who have not had any
voice training,
you'll find everything you need to start
this marvelous journey.
Whether you're singing just for the joy of
it or working as a professional singer,
I know I can help you improve your singing
and your confidence.
You'll find at various points in the
curriculum, I'll invite you to send me
a video of specific skills so that I can
give you individualized help.
Be sure to take advantage of this, that's
the way to get the most out of this site.
And if you're working on a competition or
an audition, there's a lot of material
here to help you.
I'm so happy you're here.
Let's get to work and have some fun.