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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: “Right” Versus “Wrong” Vocal Technique

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You might wonder,
are you singing right or
are you singing wrong?
Or maybe somebody has told you, oh you're
doing it right.
Or, oh gee, you're singing all wrong.
And that might leave you wondering, how do
you know?
I remember way back in my earlier years of
singing, I was told so
many different things about how to sing
that it went from a joyful experience
to one where my head was spinning and I
was wondering, am I singing right?
But I had no clue how to define that word.
So if that's true for you, which I'm
assuming that it may be,
we're gonna define right and wrong, and
it's really simple.
Because we're gonna base the definitions
on how the body actually,
factually works to make sound.
Right singing would be you
marrying your efforts with how your body
is designed to make sound.
That's it, that simple.
We're not talking about opinion here.
We're just talking about what are the
physical facts?
How does the body work?
What are the parts?
You're working with it, you're working
against it.
So of course, right would be working with
it and
wrong simply would be working against it.
How do you know that you're working
against it?
Well, first, you need to understand your
From there, if you do, which I'll help you
with, you can then understand
what you're doing, and better work with
with the process.
That's how my method works and that's how
gonna get you to sing the best you
possibly can.