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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: How to Use the School - Site Tour

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Course Description

This page contains a transcription of a video lesson from ArtistWorks Vocal Lessons. This is only a preview of what you get when you take ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons at ArtistWorks. The transcription is only one of the valuable tools we provide our online members. Sign up today for unlimited access to all lessons, plus submit videos to your teacher for personal feedback on your playing.

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Thank you for enrolling and welcome to the
We are going to take a few minutes to show
you the features of your school and
to assist you in navigating the site.
When you first log in, you will be
directed to your school's homepage,
where you can interact and network with
members and teachers.
If you run your cursor over My Places, the
menu will drop down and
you will see quick links to all the
schools you are a member of.
Now, let's take a look at your school's
home page,
which is where you will spend most of your
Here, you will find your teacher's message
This video is updated regularly with
updates, special lessons, and
tips, so check back often.
Beneath the video, you will find updates
where you can see your teachers blog and
get information about what's up with your
teacher in your school,
as well as interviews and important
Below updates, we have the featured video.
Here, we showcase the talents of members
like you, guests, and special events.
On the left of the page, you will find the
shout box where you can
leave a short message to let everyone
know, you're here and ready to interact.
We also have forums.
Post your questions or concerns as well as
topical related discussions.
The forums are a great place to meet
others, talk shop, and share ideas.
If you'd like to chat with a member or a
teacher in real time, you can do so
by looking on the right at who's currently
If there is someone you'd like to chat
click on the plus icon to add them to your
buddy list.
This sends a buddy list invitation.
Once added to your chat list,
click on the green chat icon to start a
one-on-one chat.
Add others to the chat by clicking on
their chat icon.
Now, click the link at the top right to
move onto the student page.
This is where you can adjust your user
information, membership, and
notification settings.
Take some time immediately to fill in your
This is where you let the rest of the
members and
your teacher know a little bit about who
you are.
To edit your profile, click the edit
button on the profile tab.
[NOISE] Once you have edited the
information, click save.
Your student page is also where you can
upload your own personal videos,
post pictures, tell us about yourself, and
make blog posts.
To access your membership details, click
on Account.
Here, you can view your membership renewal
date and other information.
If you click on Preferences, you can
change your password,
username, email address, and other
If you would like to subscribe to receive
notification on forum posts or
changes in content on certain pages or
blogs, click on the Notifications tab
under Preferences.
[NOISE] Subscribing is a great way to tune
in on what's happening in this school
without having to login.
Now you might notice that some members
have icons next to their username on their
student pages.
These are called badges.
There are many different ways of earning
including being one of the first 100
students in a school,
having your video selected as one of the
featured videos, or winning contests.
You can always click on a badge to find
out what it means if you weren't sure.
Up on the top navigation bar, you'll see
Choose a category that you'd like to
When selected, you'll see many lesson
topics to choose from in that category.
Click on one of those topics and it takes
you to the lesson video.
If you really like a video lesson or
want to access it quickly later, click on
Add to Favorites.
The icon to the left of the lesson video
title indicates that it's a lesson
where you can submit a video exchange.
Video exchanges are what allow you to get
direct feedback from your teacher.
After you've watched a lesson and
practiced it, video yourself demonstrating
what you've learned.
Then, send it to your teacher by going to
the lesson with the video exchange
icon that is closest to the lesson that
you are submitting.
Click the Submit Video button at the
bottom of the page, title your video if
needed, and click the Choose File button
to find the file you want to upload,
add a comment for the teacher if you'd
like, and upload the video.
You can also use the Submit Video button
on the top navigation bar,
to find a list of lessons where you can
submit your video.
In a few days, your teacher will respond
to your submission.
You will find that response on the right
side of the screen under
My Video Exchanges as well as on your
student page.
Once a video exchange lesson is clicked
you will see the teacher response paired
beneath the student submission.
On the right,
you will see recent video exchanges.
And on the navigation bar, you will see a
menu item called Video Exchanges.
Clicking here will lead you to the video
exchange library of
previous video exchanges between other
members and the teacher.
These are extremely powerful learning
tools for all members.
Each one is like an additional lesson for
you to learn from.
Check back often as there are new video
exchanges every week.
Another way to access the video exchanges
is by going to the lesson and
clicking the Lesson Video Exchanges
Members learn from each other as much as
learning from the teacher.
It's a great sense of community and you'll
find a lot of support here.
We strongly encourage you to view these
archive video exchanges.
If you click on Study Materials on the
navigation bar,
you will be taken to a page that has PDFs,
or mp3s that your teacher may reference
during a lesson video.
These are free for you to download and
Click on the plus Music, or plus More
button on the navigation bar to see past
videos of your teacher, interviews,
performances, and other exclusive content.
When you sign up for a school, you are
automatically a member of that school
of the overall campus that school belongs
to, and to the ArtistWorks Music and
Art Campus.
To see this, click on the Places menu at
the top of the page.
For example, if you are a member of the
Banjo School, you are also a member of
the Academy of Bluegrass and of the
ArtistWorks Music and Art Campus.
For each of these campuses, you have all
the social tools of your main school so
you can interact with members of other
ArtistWorks schools and campuses.
The main Music and Art Campus is where
every member of every school can get
updates, socialize, and see what's
happening with other ArtistWorks schools.
Check here often, because we continue to
add free content like value added lessons
and access to free sample lessons from the
other schools in the ArtistWorks Music and
Art Campus.
You can earn an additional free month
membership for each new member you refer,
using the Refer a Friend link.
And each new member you refer will receive
an additional free month as well.
The more people you refer, the more free
months you will accumulate.
Simply copy the custom link and send it to
a friend, or use the embedded tools
to automatically email the link to your
friends or post to your Facebook wall.
There is a handy link at the bottom to
monitor how many people you've contacted
and and how many free months you've
Please keep in mind that your referrals
must use the link that we provide in order
to get the free month.
Thank you for becoming a member of the
ArtistWorks Music and Art Campus.
If you have any questions along the way,
you can contact customer service
by posting your question in the customer
service forum, calling, or
emailing using the contact form found at
the bottom of each page.
We look forward to seeing you around