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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise 2: Ice Cream Lick

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This first tongue exercise
I call the ice cream lick.
Except that your [LAUGH] ice cream cone is
at the top, the roof of your mouth.
So I'm gonna show you how to do it and
I'll give you various other aspects of
instruction, and I'll take you through it
several times.
The first thing you do is you put the top
of the front of your tongue, like let's
say this is your tongue, and here's the
tip of it, and here's the top of it.
So I don't want you to take the tip of
your tongue and put it up like this.
We're just gonna put, kinda squash the the
top of your tongue here, on the,
on the roof, in the front of the roof of
your mouth, just behind your teeth.
And then you slide that part of your
tongue back as far as you can.
You might be trying to do this right now,
which is fine, but
I haven't given you total instructions
But if this is the roof of your mouth and
here is your teeth, you're gonna slide it
this way.
So here and you slide it back as far as
you can go.
And then you're gonna come forward and
stick your tongue out of your mouth.
And then pull it back and come forward and
stick it out of your mouth.
So I'll, I'll show you how this goes, of
you can't see the inside of my mouth, but
here, here's what it would look like.
I'm back here.
And then release, swallow.
That resets the back of your tongue.
Then you put again, the top of the front
of your
tongue against the upper part of the front
of your, the roof of your mouth.
Maybe it'll be over your, the back of your
teeth a little bit too.
Bring it back, slide it along and out of
your mouth.
Then back in, swallow.
You might find some phlegm coming up.
That's just the muscles are act,
activating and
if there is any phlegm in your, in your
It will start springing out which is a
really good thing because your vocal
chords have a tough time vibrating if
you've ever been phlegmy you know and
try to sing it like stops the vibration so
all right lets do it together now.
So, you know what this represents right,
this is the top front of your mouth,
touching the top.
The roof the front of the roof of your
Slide it back.
Hold it.
Bring it in.
Now do it again.
You really only need to do this three or
four times.
We'll do this one more time.
Here we go.
Okay, wait for me, I'm gonna direct you.
All right, now say this.
Again, hello.
One more time.
Okay now, pause the video and
think of a song, well think of a song
before you pause the video.
Think of a little bit of song, doesn't
matter, could be Happy Birthday,
Row Your Boat, I don't care, unless you
know something more advanced.
Just sing a little bit of it.
Then turn the video back on and we'll do
the next one.