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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise 3: Tongue Roll

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This next exercise
I call the tongue roll.
No, you don't eat your tongue.
Okay, so you put the tip of your tongue
resting against the back of your
bottom teeth.
And then we're gonna roll your tongue
forward, hold it there a moment, and
bring it back in and swallow.
Notice with all, with, there's these three
tongue exercises we're gonna be doing.
We've already done one, this is the second
Every time you bring your tongue back in,
you've got to swallow,
because the resets the base of your
We're stretching it and then resetting it.
Here's the basics of how it goes, and then
I'll show you some other things about it.
Okay, so, again, tip of tongue rests
against the back of the bottom teeth.
I'll go sideways.
Remember what I said earlier in the, in
the basics on the tongue,
how the su, the tongue can subdivide?
I don't want you pushing the tongue out
from the back.
That's going to create too much tension
and it will pull on your larynx, and
we don't want that to happen.
We're trying to isolate the front of the
tongue more so that's
part of why you have it against the back
of your bottom teeth, the tip that is.
And you roll the front of the tongue
So don't push it from the back, but roll
it from the front.
I don't even want you to try to push from
the back to see the difference.
We wo, we won't go there.
So it's right here.
So let's try it out.
Tongue against the back of the teeth.
All right, mouth is open.
But you don't have to stretch it, by the
You go too much this way, everything locks
[SOUND] Way to much.
Just an easy opening.
Good, you'll feel the pressure of the tip
of your tongue as it,
as you roll the front of the tongue.
Mouth open.
Third time is a charm and that's it, no
more than three.
Mouth open.
Don't stretch it, just open a little.
Okay, now say hello.
Feel your voice,
voice a little differently?
Do it again.
Hello, hello.
You might feel like, wow, I've got more, a
little more voice.
Okay, so now's the time again to pause the
video and sing
that part of the song that you did after
the first tongue exercise that we did,
and see if it feels a little bit
different, just like 30 seconds or less.
We take it incrementally.
Again, please remember, you only do that
exercise three times.
You can do it later in the day, just don't
do any more than three in a row.