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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise 4: Serpent Tongue

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This third tongue exercise
I call the serpent tongue.
Once again, you don't do a lot of this in
You can do it again later in the day, just
not more than three times.
The basic moves are this.
You're tongue comes out past your bottom
You maintain it there.
Then we slowly bring it to one side, back
to center,
slowly to the other, back to center.
Bring it back in your mouth and swallow.
As I mentioned in the earlier exercise,
don't push the tongue out from the back.
That will strain a lot of muscles.
So be cautious.
In fact, I'd rather that at first until
you get familiar with this that you
play it a little more cautiously and don't
stretch your tongue out quite so
much that maybe you'd be able to.
Just to make sure that you don't end up
pushing from the back.
Think of pulling the tongue out from the
front instead.
So this is what it looks like and I get to
stick my tongue out at you.
All right, so you open your mouth first.
[COUGH] Swallow.
Okay, you wanna take it with me?
Here we go.
[LAUGH] We're both sticking our tongues
out at each other.
Here we go, mouth open first.
Swallow, right?
Let's do it again.
And what, you know, when I put my hand up
like that I mean, don't push it.
Use the front.
Here we go.
And swallow.
Okay, that should be the second
If you've already done it three times then
don't do it with me this next time.
Otherwise here we go, last one.
All right.
Now let's say, hello again to each other.
Again, hello.
How's your voice feel?
Mine already, mine feels more spacious
let's say.
This is the time to pause the video, sing
that section of the song again.
And we'll go on to the next lesson.