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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise 8: NG Slides

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And now I'm
gonna show you the NG.
So with the NG, we also do a third.
Tip of tongue is against the back of the
bottom teeth, just resting, not pressing.
You press, it hardens the whole tongue.
Resting, the rest of the tongue can stay
just let the back of it rise if you need
to say the word, for example, sing.
Not sing, [LAUGH] sing.
It just rests against the soft palate
Okay, so it would be, with a third,
that's this [SOUND] now you feel the
resonance or
the buzzing shimmer right inside here.
[SOUND] I can't stick my finger inside
there but, you know, inside.
[SOUND] Now, with this you can take a
breath through your
mouth which will have to let your tongue
come down and
back a little bit so that there's a
passageway, or
you can just keep it there and take a
breath through your nose.
Keep it really lazy,
remember we're not hanging up on the top.
[SOUND] Go to the end.
it's really
drowsy tone.
[SOUND] I feel the vibration coming in
through here as it swims around.
Think straight ahead,
not up and down.
[SOUND] Sometimes using your hand can help
[SOUND] As you're working on correcting
your way of thinking.
[SOUND] Or you can just put your hand
right here like this.
Cuz it's this level of where your tongue
is touching.
It's some kind of just
it doesn't fall off of the palate there,
the soft palate, but it sometimes
can feel like it's curtsying a little bit,
you know what a curtsy is from the old
It's totally okay that
you feel any kind of vibration
up through here in your sinus
cavity has nothing to with
becoming a nasal singer.
It's just gonna augment your voice as a
Again, this is,
I'm using my hand just to give
you a sense of not going up and
down but just coasting with it.
[SOUND] I'm not muscularly pushing forward
and back.
[SOUND] I'm really just thinking where the
tongue is touching and feeling that buzz.
[SOUND] Tip of tongue still against the
back of the bottom teeth,
just resting not pushing.
[SOUND] Here we'd be pushing.
[SOUND] Sound like a bratty baby.
[SOUND] If your tongue tenses during this
like mine just did to
show you that your voice has to go through
some changes
to get back to the good, good spot that
you want it to be in.
And the last
one for now.
[SOUND] And then we do the fifth [SOUND]
it's the same instructions, and the same
way of thinking.
Now let's say, I'm gonna jump a number of
notes here.
Easy volume.
Very important.
Don't try to do this loud, it'll tighten
all the muscles, and then instead
of feeling like having a better voice by
the end, your voice will be tired.
So if your voice ever is tired as you, as
you get to the end or
in the middle of the se, these set of
exercises, you've used too much volume and
you've tightened your tongue.
Okay, you got that?
Don't go for volume.
[SOUND] Okay, I'm gonna jump a few
more notes so you can hear it.
[SOUND] or, guys, if you're an octave
[SOUND] And, your not going to sound like
me, you'll sound like yourself,
but I'm just trying to give you a sense of
the amount of energy that you
don't use really, and just working with
that sensation of buzz.
Again, if you push your tongue and press
it, wherever it's touching,
it constricts everything, not just the
tongue, but
the whole vocal mechanism and it will wear
your voice out instead of improving it.
I'll do a few more for you and then we'll
get into the exercise.
sleepy, [SOUND]
wiggly, [SOUND]
all right?
Let's get into the exercise now.
Now, we're gonna
get into the NG slides.
We'll start with the interval of a third.
Which is one of the ones we just used for
the N slides.
So it's that.
Guys are here.
All right, now again you put the tip of
your tongue against the back of the bottom
The back of the tongue rises, gently
touching the soft palate,
like at the end of the word sing.
Sing, if you need to use that to set
yourself up, go ahead and do it.
Sing, now we're gonna get you on pitch.
I'll start you off.
Just work with where the tongue touches.
The rest of the tongue should stay
If you go for too much volume,
your tongue will begin to harden.
we wanna keep it receptive to the
Take a breath before each one.
Every so often, check your volume.
Just think level, where the vibration is.
Let the vibration swim.
Fat tongue.
Don't think up or down.
And remember slide all the way through.
Rather than sustaining the middle.
All the way through.
Yeah, all the way through.
Keep it going.
All right.
Very good.
Now we're going to get into the interval
of a fifth with the NG slides.
Females start here, if you're a guy, you
start here.
Put your tongue resting against the back
of the bottom teeth.
The tongue just gently touches the soft
Don't let it fall away from it, and don't
press it.
So say sing, and that's it.
Take a breath, position your tongue,
remember don't squish it, and here we go.
Keep it going.
Don't push your voice.
Just work with the vibration.
That you feel in your tongue.
Or more what you feel where the tongue
is touching against your soft palate.
It's not about volume just buzz.
Tip of tongue, stays against the teeth.
That's right.
Let's do that one again.
and again.
Do that one again.
One more time.
Once more.
Fat tongue.
Just let it be relaxed.
And feel the buzz where it's touching the
soft palette.
That's your focus.
One more.