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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise 2: Improving Vocal Range & Flexibility - Lip Trills -NEW!

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Lip trills
are one of the best
Limbering the muscles of your lips.
The stimulation of your lips flapping, as
it were.
[LAUGH] In a lip drill.
[SOUND] Totally massage all the muscles.
It's like the.
It goes backwards and
it starts getting all the muscles in
alignment so that your voice.
Is richer and easier to use right away.
Guess what?
We're going to do lip trills.
Here's the melody.
Now, with lip trills it's just a constant
note after note after note.
There's no stepping on da, da, da, da, da.
So, I have to go fast.
On the piano.
Like that.
All right.
Now, if your voice is naturally pitched
lower, you'll be here.
Like that.
Notice it's not again [NOISE].
That would cause manipulation, tension
release, tension release,
then it will wear your voice out instead
of stimulate it.
So we're gonna just slide through the
notes, and as you get more and
more familiar with the.
The first note and the middle note.
You'll be able to stay in that key and in
that center of notes better and better.
Think the notes in your lips.
Okay, here we go and I'll guide you.
Take a breath.
Feel it in
the lips.
Breath into the back.
[SOUND] And breathe into the back.
Again, just think the notes in your lips.
it going.
Just in the lips.
This evens out your thought of pitch.
So that you're not reaching up or down.
It's just in the lips.
Check your volume, make sure you're not
forcing it.
You should be
like a little bird.
If you force it the muscles will
will tighten.
So, we wanna keep them loose.
a few more.
Relax the stomach
so you breathe into your back.
And keep the stomach relaxed as you do it.
You don't need to push air out.
It'll stay aligned, right here.
Few more.
[SOUND] Breath
into your back.
[SOUND] Stomach stays relaxed.
Two more.
[SOUND] [SOUND] All right.
Practice this over and over.
You can do it before you sing a song.
And in fact if you'd like to record a
video of yourself doing it.
And then sing a song afterwards.
Do a verse and a chorus.
Upload it to me as a video exchange.
I'll look forward to seeing it.