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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise 4: Enhancing Vocal Range & Tone - Oow -NEW!

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This next exercise has its own peculiar
We're going to use the muscles of your
lips to help
as a counter to gain greater flexibility
in fact, muscle strength within your
while using this approach it is going to
develop strength and tone.
The results show themselves right away but
it takes a certain constancy of regular
practice with it to have these results
be part of your vocabulary of vocal
and stay, stay in there, but
it gives immediate change to your voice.
So I also use this approach in the Singing
Songs Better section, and
you'll hear you'll hear me talk about it
there as well
as apply it to another singer, so you hear
someone else and
what it does for their voice so of course
what can be for you.
This is a trumpeted "oow" and by the way I
have some
other exercises coming up that use this as
well but it's, it's so
worth using it in a, a number of different
So, we're gonna use your lips to, we're
gonna reach them forward.
And it's very, this is the focus, right
so every note that you're going to sing,
whether you're using this in an exercise
you're using it in a song, you'll be doing
think every note in the circle of your
It's going to create a little tunnel,
right here.
[SOUND] So do that first.
[SOUND] You can put your fingers here to
help direct your attention if you want,
or you don't have to, but I'm using my
fingers just to show you.
[SOUND] So first take a breath, open your
back and take that breath.
[SOUND] This is not blowing by the way,
don't push air out.
Just think the sound of your voice here.
Now I'll use it with the song Somewhere
Over the Rainbow, a bit of it,
and you'll see what I mean, so first I
will sing the song with lyrics,
just a little bit, and then I'll use the
"oow" and
then I'll sing it again so you hear the
Okay, now,
the best way of using "oow" in
a song is to really slow it down,
so that's what I'm gonna do, like this.
My, oh, and my fingers are going to
represent how I'm thinking,
this is my thought.
do it one
more time,
we meaning me
So it's two lips, two lips.
As you're doing this,
if you find yourself thinking up or down,
just redo that section of the melody till
you get it,
so you're thinking right here, not up or
down, here, here, here, so
Pretty good, huh?
[LAUGH] Just the difference, it feels so
Now we're going to get into an exercise of
a melody that uses "oow" and
there are some additional tips, which are
if you feel that the note
that you're about to sing is up there,
that you have to reach,
what you do with this technique is you
pull your lips more forward.
So it's like aah!
It's up there.
Nope, here.
And just the pulling of your lips will
make a big difference.
Keep your attention on the lips.
If you need to pause every so often to
relax the muscles of your lips,
that's totally fine.
Just pause and do that, and then go back
and continue.
Here we go.
Here's the melody you're
going to be using with the oow.
I've chosen this melody because
as you can tell it has these different
intervals and
it will give you the opportunity of
thinking and
using your lips to smooth out the use of
and so expand your range, and
gain more range where you can sing it
We put the lips here.
Here's my demonstration as well.
On this note,
you may want to pull
your lips forward.
[SOUND] Pull.
Try it with me.
Now, we're gonna do the exercise together.
Lips in an oow, big breath into the back.
Let's begin
Let your lips
relax a moment.
Put them out.
You don't
need to use volume
to get the extra,
the higher note,
just the lips.
repeat that
The increase of volume that you hear in
my voice on that upper note is not because
trying to sing louder, it's the increase
resonance that the pulling of the lips
my fingers means
with the way I'm
thinking with my lips.
And just pulling them
a little more forward on those notes.
Pull more.
Now, now, let's relax a sec.
Put them in position.
Take a breath.
Keep your eye on your lips.
Pull them.
Pull now
Great, three more.
Two more,
keep it going.
Pull more.
All right, last one.
Practice this, work on using those lips.
Sing a song afterwards, feel the
difference, and enjoy.