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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Quick Fix Exercises - Submit Song

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These exercises we've just
gone through will continue to generate
your voice.
I won't say regenerate although that may
be true as well.
And in fact, if by any chance, you have
sung you know, you've been in a rehearsal
or a jam, an open mic.,
singing around the campfire with your
friends and
your voice feels really tired, this
routine will help.
It will regenerate your voice so it, this
is a way to bring your voice back to
a healthy sound if needed, hopefully never
run into that situation,
but you've got these to help you with when
and if you ever do.
This routine of exercises, as I've
mentioned earlier,
works along with and can be an alternating
sequence with your warm-up exercises and
with the upcoming section, singing songs
When you have practiced these exercises if
you've, of course,
have any question as to whether you're
doing it right and
you've watched the video lesson and
checked yourself against it but
you still have an uncertainty as to
whether your approach is correct,
film yourself doing a video exchange for
me, upload it, and let me take a look and
give you any coaching advice, or at least
say, yes.
You are doing it exactly right.
As you've practiced these exercises a
number of times,
I would like to receive a song from you,
and I'm gonna look for particular
aspects in that song that demonstrate the
achievements of these exercises.
So, what I'll be looking for
in your video exchange of a song that goes
with this section is
a release of muscles overworking in the
back of your mouth,
by which I mean not pulling your soft
palate up, sing, or singing with a yawn,
finding that neutral position I spoke of
and letting the tongue remain relaxed.
Of course when you're singing a song,
you're singing vowels and
consonants so the tongue is going to be
kind of flapping around to help you
create the consonants that the tongue is
part of.
However, as far as the actual sound of
your voice
I'm not looking for you pulling it open.
Even if you sing classical, the release of
the muscles in
the back of the mouth actually provide you
with better tone, and
if you've wondered or thought that you
sounded hollow when you sing,
it may be because you're overworking the
muscles back there.
This set of exercises when you really find
yourself aligned with and
using the approach will help you to
release that,
and enrich the sound of your voice.
So these are the things that I'll be
looking for,
listening for, when you record your video
of yourself
singing a song in this particular section,
of course, I can coach you based on what I
so I'm looking forward to receiving it