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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Are You Breathing Correctly?

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How important is
breathing to singing?
What do you think?
If you didn't have any breath inside you,
would you actually be able to sing?
Your answer's suppose to be no.
Okay, so
there's a lot that you might have heard
about how to breath.
We're gonna untangle some of these
different hearsays and directions.
And I'll do it in a systematic way as we
move forward in this curriculum.
But the first thing is this.
And here comes the big more than $100
When you breathe in, where's the air go?
Think about it.
When you breathe in, where does the air
Anybody ever tell you it comes in here?
Breathe into your belly or breathe into
your diaphragm?
Anatomically, that's impossible.
So if you have, in fact, ever been told to
do that, and
you've wondered how in the world can you
do that you can't.
Air, when you inhale, and if your answer
was the lungs, that's correct, air,
when you inhale, goes into your lungs,
but, next question where are your lungs?
Now, you may know the answer, or
you may be scratching your head, so I'll
help you.
Here, in the front of your body, is where
the lungs are.
And they start, if you can feel your
collar bone, please do.
And they're right in this area.
Okay, you may have thought that they're
down here.
You may have thought that they go all the
way down here.
They end right about there.
Eh, not as much as you thought, huh?
But wait.
Your lungs fill your whole chest, from
front to back.
Doctors actually call the whole area that
your lungs fill, your chest.
Which took me quite awhile to figure out
what definition they were giving it,
cuz most people consider their chest here,
and so most people think that,
if they know that the lungs are in the
chest, they only think the front.
Feel the top if you can, of your shoulder
That's the top of your lungs in the back,
it's kind of equal, equidistant from the
front to the back.
And now I want you to put your hands about
two inches above your waist in the back.
Okay, so that's where the bottom of your
lungs are.
Next question for you to answer.
Where the biggest part of your lungs?
Okay, duh, back, right?
So when you breathe in, where would most
of the air actually go if permitted?
The front or the back?
Obvious answer, right?
You have the biggest part of your lungs in
the back so
that's where most of the air would go.
Now let's put this together.
Take your hands like this, point them
I want you to put the backs of your
fingers on your sides and
take a deep breath.
Thinking in your back and let that breath
You feel that movement?
Those are your ribs.
We're gonna get into this in more detail
as we move forward, but I just wanna let
you know that if most of the air goes into
your back, those ribs need to move.
If they don't move, you will not be able
to either breathe, or
you will be missing out on a lot of air,
that brings us back to the first question.
How important is air for singing?
It's very important.
So here's your little exercise I'm gonna
give you.
I want you, when I'm done with this
particular lesson,
I want you to turn off the videos and
just put your hands on your back, breathe
into the back and sing.
You may be astounded at the immediate
difference in your voice.