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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: What About Your Stomach?

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Anybody ever tell you that when
you sing you need to push your stomach in,
or like pull it in at a controlled motion?
Any directions you've ever received
your belly, breathing, et cetera?
Many have, so what about it?
What about the stomach?
Early on in my teaching, I noticed more
and more of the singers that I was working
with would be applying many of the
But, I still heard a certain kind of
tension in their voice, and
I wasn't really sure cuz I was still
formulating a lot of things.
I wasn't really sure what it was coming
And one day, I remember looking at someone
in front of me, and
I realized their belly.
They were pulling their belly in.
And, I thought hm.
Well, I know enough about anatomy of
singing and
I know what that could be doing, which
you're about to learn yourself.
So, the thing about pulling the stomach in
having any kind of belly tension is
muscles coordinate.
So, when this area is tight, it
immediately reflects here.
It's incredible and it will always happen.
Tension here, tension here.
Release here.
It may feel weird at first if you're
accustomed to singing that way.
But you know, step by step, you get
accustomed to a new sensation,
which leads towards much greater freedom
of singing, much easier singing,
and often a much bigger voice in terms of,
I don't know, not, just having more, more
sound to it.
So, if you've been told to use your
stomach when
you're singing, now's your chance, let it