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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Basics: Your Lips

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Now we're going to
talk about an intimate aspect
of your body, your lips.
You may find that when you tighten your
lips as you're singing,
you might not have thought about this so
there, I'm introducing you to it.
When you have tension here, it creates
tension here.
You ever hear anybody say, you shouldn't
sing from your throat?
That's a mixed message, and usually it's
not accompanied with how not to do it,
or what does singing from your throat
actually mean.
Usually it means simply that there's tight
throat-wise, and
that you shouldn't have tension [LAUGH] in
your throat which is a lovely thing,
but how to not have tension is really the
The lips have a lot to do with tension
that you might end up experiencing
in the throat area.
Muscles work in pairs, and often as a
triangle, and in this case.
Like I said, tension in the lips creates
tension here.
Try it.
Feel this.
Feel it right here.
Now let it go.
It feels better, double check it.
Stretch, stretch, tight.
Okay, so
the lips have nothing to do with forming
vowels, or reaching notes,
although it might be something that you
employ as habit or default mechanism.
As you're searching your way to sing
The best way of singing better, as far as
lips are concerned,
is to learn how to not employ them in
articulation or going for your sound.
And we're gonna get into a series of
different things about that.
But again I will probably say this a
number of times as we move forward,
tension here creates tension here and
it is not necessary to use those lips.
That doesn't mean the lips aren't used,
if you use them, we're talking about
I want to make sure that's, that's
If you use it as a method to try to get
your sound.
Then it will create too much tension.
Obviously there are certain sounds that
you need your lips for but that be, but
that's a more natural thing.
It's when you exaggerate it that you end
up with tension that creates tension.
Does that make better sense to you?
Now we're going to explore it and I'm
gonna give you some various exercises and
approaches to use to help you discover
this for
yourself in terms of, are you using your
Is there tension there?
And, what you can do to release it and get
a better sound.
And then the easier approach in using your