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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise: Strengthening Your Voice in a Song - Lip Trills & Single Vowels

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Right, we get down
to the nitty gritty.
You can do this with any song.
I mentioned that.
We're going to use, or I am [LAUGH], gonna
use a little bit of Georgia On My Mind and
I'll show you each one of these.
So we'll start with things that you
already know in fact.
One of them is lip trills, so if you can
do lip trills with the melody,
this is going to be amazingly helpful.
If you can't yet do lip trills easily or
it will be will well worth taking it step
by step and getting, getting it.
Getting it down.
So that you can do the following.
[SOUND] That's the opening to Georgia.
Wow, I feel a difference already.
Then, for example, let's say you're having
trouble with the higher section
of the song that you're working on, in
this case still using Georgia.
However many times you have to stop to
take a breath is totally fine.
And then you sing it after you've done the
lip trills.
Georgia, Georgia, and it feels like a new
That's only step one.
Again, if you can't do, lip trills well
yet, keep working on them and
eventually it will be a technique that you
can use in a song.
One more thing, any of these, we'll call
them remedies or
techniques, tools in the song need to be
done as smoothly as possible,
note to note, so you would not for example
go [SOUND] [NOISE] Forget it.
You won't get much from that.
So, you want to connect the notes and
go as many notes smoothly as you possibly
If you're working on a slow song, that's
If you're working on a fast song, the same
principle applies, but
I want you to take that fast song and slow
it way down.
So that you have a chance to think about
the tool you're using,
like oh I don't know let's see.
What's a fast song?
You know,
you wouldn't go
It's too fast and you start actually
puling muscles.
So you would slow it down, take it out of
That would be true if you've got
embellishments in the exerc, [LAUGH] in
the exercises, in the song, or anything
else, you just want to slow it down.
And it can be difficult,
you have to pay attention, because
everybody wants to rush it, but don't.
Take it slow, okay.
That's lip trills.
Next, we've got single vowels,
by which I mean only one vowel.
You're gonna sing the song smoothly
through the whole song using that vowel.
Or, well, you know,
if you're having trouble with a certain
area of a song, you can just spot correct.
But you'll find, using any of these tools
through the entire song
will make an overall difference and
enhance your voice fully.
So, one, is using the vowel e.
Some people do e incorrectly.
In case you happen to be one of them,
here's how it goes.
You do not use your lips.
Remember what we were talking about
So eeee.
Find it inside.
Don't try to shape it outside.
Sound is made internally, passes through
the external but
it's not made by the external in this case
at all.
So again using the beginning of Georgia On
My Mind you've got [SOUND].
I'm not doing all aww.
Don't create a dome in there.
We talked about it before.
Simple, simple speaking natural
You got it?
So, now we've covered three different
Lip trill with melody, E with a melody,
with the melody of the song.
The more you can approach the melody when
you're using single,
vowels, not changing the pronunciation,
I'll show you what I mean in a moment, the
better it's gonna get.
So if you go,.
[LAUGH] That is a product
of the tongue being way overused.
Let that tongue release.
Same pronunciation.
It's not high, it's just a note,
it's just a sound.
Just a sound.
So, that's my little
extra direction on that