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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Lip Trills: Limbering Your Voice With a Song -NEW!

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This is not the first time
we're using this approach.
But it is an important one to use in a
song to limber
your voice exercise it in the context of
the melody.
And so advance your singing, directly with
a song.
And to help me out I'm going to bring on
this lovely lady, please come on in.
And you can come a little closer, great.
So what song would you like to use.
And we'll start with you just singing
through a verse of it.
>> Okay, I'd like to use Amazing Grace.
>> Awesome.
Okay, do you need a starting note?
>> Yes, please.
>> Okay.
What do you like?
>> G.
>> Does that sound good?
>> Amazing grace.
>> Good thanks.
So we've got some strengthening to do with
your voice.
And as well to get more vibration.
And less air push.
Make sense?
>> Yes.
>> Cool.
Now, when air is pushing against the
physical part that
makes the vibrations of your voice, it
robs you of more vibration.
In other words, say you wanted your hand
to float.
Do this for me.
Good, now bring it over to me a little.
And now try to maintain that same
position, right?
And now I'm gonna do this.
Try to maintain the same position.
>> Yeah, that's [LAUGH] that's difficult.
>> Right?
>> Yes.
>> Good.
So, the vibrators.
That create the sounds of our voice,
located here, are triggered by air.
But, if that air presses too much against
it, it pushes them out of position.
>> Okay.
>> And drowns them,
to some extent, in air.
So you will-
>> Sound strained,.
It won't feel as easy to sing and you
won't get as much voice out of your voice.
>> Okay.
So, this first technique that we're gonna
use is lip trills.
I'm gonna have you do a phrase with lip
trills using the melody of Amazing Grace.
Same key then I'm gonna point out a few
things for educational purposes
about how this is working and how to work
with it even more and we'll progress.
And we'll find out what the results are
gonna be.
>> [LAUGH] Okay.
>> So, we do this slowly.
Let me give, have the first note.
>> [SOUND].
>> Good.
Now, that would be the amount of volume.
Don't go past that amount of volume one
way or the other.
That would be like the pendulum swing.
You don't want to back off from it too
much, and
you don't want to push forward from it.
But maintaining that is good.
>> Okay.
>> And the other thing about lip trills is
that some people can do it.
[SOUND] Like that.
And some people find it very helpful to
put fingers on either side, you,
I don't think need to it, but if you feel
like it.
So, we go, there's a certain placement and
you'll feel the difference.
[SOUND] See what happens?
>> Yes.
>> You like that better?
>> Actually, yes I do [LAUGH].
>> Good.
Try it out.
Do it without if you can.
[SOUND] Now, put fingers, you can use just
you can do it here, or, you know, one
But there's a certain muscle placement
that's gonna put a little more.
Resistance in your lips, so you don't have
to push with that air.
>> [SOUND].
>> Good!
Okay, now we're going to do the melody.
And, it's going to be way,
a little bit slower than you sang it, but
it was fairly slow, so that's good.
Okay, just the melody through lip drills.
[SOUND] Keep your head still.
>> Good, we're gonna do that phrase again.
So it's always to the lips, to the lips,
to the lips.
Not up, not down, just to the lips, to the
So it's [SOUND].
>> Okay.
>> Good, continue.
>> [SOUND].
>> You're losing your head's through notes
there you go.
>> [MUSIC].
>> Good.
Now sing it with lyrics.
>> [MUSIC].
>> Mm-hm.
>> I'm still feeling the trill going on
>> Isn't that, that's interesting.
Did the voice feel different to you?
>> It really felt different, yes.
>> Well I totally heard it.
[NOISE] Now there's one section
>> Yeah.
>> That could use a little more
>> Yeah.
>> So let's just do that once.
[SOUND] And I want you to put your fingers
here and
use them not only to-
>> Hm,.
>> You know, do what they we're doing.
But to draw your attention to just the
lips for every note.
>> [MUSIC].
>> Do it again.
>> [MUSIC].
>> Good, now sing those lyrics.
I once was lost.
>> [MUSIC].
>> Looks like it, too.
So, do this, go through your song.
If you can spot correct also, you've got a
phrase that's challenging,
do lip trills several times until it evens
Watch yourself in a mirror, that can be
because moving your head up and down for
First of all, is not totally focusing on
the lip trills.
And it's moving it in to some muscle
manipulation that in
the presence of you're not getting as full
a result from the lip drills as you could.
These are little habits that get stuck in
some how or other, and
they just sort of perpetuate, get
perpetuated until you notice it.
Recognize that it's not something that you
want to continue.
Put your focus on something that will help
you through,
sort of like a flashlight leading you
through a forest.
And the unwanted things will peel away,
the simplicity will enter in and your
voice will become freer.
Thank you.
>> Thank you.
>> Uh-huh.