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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Basics: Improving PItch and Vocal Ease with a Song

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There are a number of tools that I've
put together that directly assist you and
me in singing a song like actually using
the song
in the context of the melody of the song
with a variety of different tools,
and I'm gonna teach you each one of them.
This will assist with things like
strain, diminished or the need for better
flexibility, and ensuring that you really
do understand and
know the melody that you're singing the
song with.
I wanna point out a couple of things on
that latter one.
Some years ago I was working with a an
artist who was pretty
well-known and albums out and such, and
she was working on a new song.
She sang it for me, and it was something
something strange at a number of places
throughout the song.
So I'm listening and I'm trying to figure
out what is going on here.
Do a little troubleshooting.
On a, I don't know, just whim almost but,
later I validated myself better it was
more of an educated guess.
I asked her to sing me the melody without
the lyrics, and sure enough,
she actually didn't really didn't know the
melody in several spots.
Each spot that I heard there was a
taking away the lyrics exposed the fact
that she didn't really know the melody.
This happens for
singers because ordinarily you learn the
song with the words.
The words can somehow and
at various times mask certain aspects of
what's going with the melody.
Well if you don't know what the melody is
you can't imagine what you're about
to sing and you may know the lyrics but
they have to be with the melody and,
and it just, it's sort of out of sync.
So the, the remedies and
the techniques that I'm about to teach you
will not only rectify that and
make sure you have 100% confident
certainty on the melody of the song,
which, by the way, means that you can then
embellish and rework it like pa,
parts of what you just heard me singing
"Georgia on My Mind" and stylize it
to be your own interpretation in a much
more flexible and easy way.
Also, these different remedies and tools
will, as I alluded to
a moment ago, they can help you straighten
out problems with pitch,
resonance, and just general ease of
Many of my techniques will also assist
like the warm-ups that we just went
through you do those.
That helps the song as well, but these are
techniques that you
directly use with the melody of any song
of your choice and
in particular a song that you feel may be
giving you trouble and
you have little problem spots or overall
problem areas.
This is separate from knowing how to
choose the key of the song
that's appropriate for you and the mood of
it, and
we'll get into that much later in this
But here are some tips, and
I'm going to use some of the melody
of "Georgia on my Mind" to show
you actually how to do it