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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise: Smoothing Out Range & Tone in a Song - The Trumpeted Oow

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This is the last tool that I'll
be sharing with you at this moment,
and I call this the trumpeted ew.
It's trumpeted because you're going to
trumpet your lips.
I'm gonna show you sideways.
So, we're going to use [SOUND].
You're going to use these muscles, you're
lip muscles to hold the position.
And then, you think every note in this
little teeny tiny
tunnel that's just behind your lips and
the circle.
That's being created at the space of
circle, or the circle of space.
[LAUGH] The little spacial circle between,
in the middle of your lips like this.
[SOUND] So, [SOUND] my finger is
representing my thought.
By my
doing this,
I don't mean push,
push, push.
I mean, this is where your thought is,
this is where your thought is,
this is where your thought is.
Note, after note, after note.
It doesn't shift back, it stays at your
This is a concentration exercise.
It's an exercise of really channeling your
which is a wonderful thing to get in
command of.
But also, because this exercise opens a
new world of resonance and vocal ease.
It's really good to do it anywhere in your
You can do it with any melody, and you
will hear and feel the difference.
And if you don't, do it in front of a
And, of course, when the time comes, you
can send in a video
showing me how you're doing it, but do
live with a friend.
Do the melody that way, then sing it with
lyrics, whoa.
It's really different and wonderful.
Okay, here's, here's your closing
So, I've given you all these different
tools, be systematic with it,
take your time.
Recognize that you aren't using style when
you're using these tools.
You are not using a lot of volume.
It's an easy approach.
Connect the notes as best you can, don't
pulse them, you know, [SOUND].
It's even energy.
Even energy.
These are the, shall we say the seeds of
vocal control.
And, blossom into some
wonderful em, ease of self expression,
and an ability to sing a wider range,
right in the context of your song.
You do the technique, then sing the song
with lyrics.
Repeat the tech, the same technique if you
want, then sing the song with lyrics, or
go on to the next tool that I've given
you, and
then sing the songs again, or the song
again with lyrics.
And each time, you'll notice a change in
your voice, for the better.
So, that's the approach.
And I can't wait to hear you sing in the
very near future.