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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Exercise: Balancing Singing with Vocal Technique

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Hi, I want to give you a quick lesson on
how to actually sing better fast.
You know, I spend a lot of time coaching,
perhaps you and many, many other singers
on vocal technique.
And of course vocal technique is very
because given that it's the correct
techniques and
it's working in natural harmony with how
our body works to make sound.
That opens the door for expression.
However, the pivotal point is the word
expression and
if we don't keep that in balance with your
vocal technique development,
then we don't end up with the whole
purpose of singing,
which is to express what you have in your
The passion, the,
the communication that you want to get
across as you sing your songs.
Interestingly enough I find that if a, if
we keep that balance and
work on things that have to do with
your communication across to to your
That a, a person's voice gets better, much
So here's something that you can use as a
tool in your practicing,
when you practice songs.
Choose an object in the room that you're
practicing in.
It could be a lamp, a bookshelf,
a book on a shelf, even your mirror, if
you've got a mirror in that room.
But choose something that you like, that
you, you know,
think looks nice and that you appreciate
that's in your room.
That particular object is going to
represent a person.
So pretend that that object has a
spiritual aspect to it.
You know, just like when you're talking to
your best friend, you can feel
that person receiving your communication
and wanting, hopefully,.
To hear you and to understand what you
have to say,
they open themselves to you and your, what
you're communicating to your friend.
So in this case, you're gonna stretch your
imagination a little bit and
let this object in your room be somebody
who wants to hear you.
I'm looking at my bookshelf across the
room right now.
And you sing your song to that object,
getting the idea that
there's interest there, that person wants
to hear what you have to say.
And you just practice that.
There's a number of reasons for this
One of which is this.
When you sing a song, the purpose of
singing, as you know, is communicating.
And it's important to practice your songs
as you are communicating, that you really
are communicating.
There are reasons why people get up on the
stage and
find it easier to sing to a whole big
group of people.
This may or may not be you, but many will
say it's easier to sing for
a big group of people.
Much easier than when there's only a few
people there.
One of the reasons why is that you can
just sort of blank out
on a mass of people.
But that actually diminishes the power of
your performance.
If you perform already having drilled the
act of,
and the consideration of communicating
your song to somebody.
Really wanting them to get what you have
to say.
It's interesting how the voice actually is
Try it out.
Drill it until you know.
That you really are expressing to that
object and
in fact if you have a way of recording
yourself so that you don't have to think
about, gee I wonder how I sound, while
you're doing it, and then can listen back.
The more you drill, the better you'll
That along with enhancing your voice
through the right exercises, so
you have stamina and
the ability to sing how you want to sing
and tap into your full potential.
We marry these two areas, performance,
that's performance and your vocal ability
and you've got a winning combination.