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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: How Long to Practice, When to Move On

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At this point, you might be wondering how
long should you be practicing the various
techniques that are in this section,
as well as should you be continuing to use
the warm ups.
What about the quick fix area fo
How do you know when to move on?
In this video I just wanted to let you
know that, the warm ups, certainly
they start off as your vocal exercises but
then you can use them whenever you want.
You can certainly, please do, use them
before you practice a song or
a series of songs or you have a rehearsal
you're going into the recording studio or
you're about to do a gig.
They would be your pre-singing exercises.
The quick fix series of exercises also
have a similar function.
And, by now, I hope you've experienced the
immediate changes that are occurring and,
and will continue to occur as you apply
the singing songs better techniques.
Nonetheless, the next series of video
lessons has to do with vocal health.
And I would very much like for
you to take a look at those lessons, while
you're maintaining your practice routine.
You can switch it up, too.
So, on one day you can work with just
techniques from singing songs better.
Then, the next day the quick fix
exercises, go to the warm up exercises.
But, right now these are your three areas
of vocal work.
Then, there is a very important
series of lessons coming up that I can't
wait for you to see.
And and get the the tools from.
Which is in The Secrets to Natural Breath
So most of those are watching videos so
there are video lessons.
Though there are a couple of very
physical exercises that begin to and
will assist you in letting your body work
naturally for you.
In maintaining and regulating your breath
control so
that you don't have to think about
You can be free to sing your song.
So, again, a reminder, apply these various
and then sing a song and feel, or songs,
and feel the difference in your voice.
It will continue to evolve.
And I look forward to receiving your video
of you applying a technique in this area
then singing a song immediately afterwards
or a section of a song.
So I hear how you're doing in applying the
various techniques here.
The things that I'll be looking for are
relaxed lips,
not stretching them or trying to form
vowels here.
Not pulling up or pushing down as the
notes change.
This is as you're singing the song, your
video exchange with me.
I'll also be looking for things like, are
you breathing into your back?
Are you pushing your stomach in?
I wanna see that you're not.
That you're getting comfortable not
pumping with your belly, and
breathing into your back, and singing a
Also I'll be looking for how much
do I hear in your voice with resonance
because a lot of these technique
as you know, expand the resonance, and
tone of your voice.
I'll be looking for things like, are the
vowel sounds your vowel sounds?
Are you actually intending them or they
kind of haphazard, meaning hit or
miss you don't really know what you're
Use the sounds to communicate,
the sounds of the words and particularly
of course the sounds of the vowels.
So those are some of the things that I'll
be looking for
in your video exchange on singing a song
from this section.