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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: Best Singer Foods and Drinks

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The only trouble with this lesson is,
it will make you hungry.
Sitting here with this spread I will do my
best to not munch while
I'm talking to you.
Throughout my over 30 years of teaching
one of the most common questions I get is,
what kinds of foods as a singer should I
be eating?
Which should I be avoiding?
What shou, what's the best drink for me?
So, this is gonna be divided into two
First I'm going to go over with you, what
are the best aspects of nutrition and
then we'll take a look at what are the
So your best bet are clean foods.
So by clean I mean, fat content, you don't
wanna go greasy, greasy.
Middle of the road, to low is, is fine.
But high fat content that's an animal
product fat content.
Will kind of gunk up the works.
Protein is important and I didn't pull out
other aspects of protein particularly
other than these nuts.
But nuts are excellent.
Especially when they're raw.
Like, raw almonds have a great number of
minerals and protein in them.
And also walnuts.
Cashews are fine,
brazil nuts, peanuts depending on if you
have a peanut allergy or not.
Try to ge them dry roasted rather than
a high fat content cuz they can go pretty
In terms of fruit, the best fruits are
things like grapes,
which have fantastic elements to them.
I'm not talking about wine right now, but
grapes are really excellent.
They keep your glucose level high.
And if you've ever had sugar,.
And you know and then you have this like,
what's called a false high.
And then a few hours later, crash.
Grapes, apples, pears, nectarines,
all, plums, all that kind of fruit.
Give you a level of natural sugar in your
blood that keeps your energy level high.
When you're in a recording studio,
this is one of the best things that you
can do for yourself.
Also, berries.
Any kind of berry.
And there's a lot of reasons for that,
I'm not a nutritionist.
But I've studied it a lot and these are
the things that tend to work best for
Fruits are we've pretty much covered and
then there's vegetables.
So the best vegetables are those that are
very high color vegetables
although cauliflower.
Has certain ingredients that are very
cleansing for the body
they're also known as an anti-cancer food.
And same thing with peppers.
Red pepper, I'm fingering this, so I'm
going to have to it eat later.
[LAUGH] Green pepper, good.
Celery, excellent high fiber, very, a lot
of water content you see.
So the more water content you give your
body through the natural
mineral makeup of fruits and vegetables,
the better.
Protein of course, you always need to
maintain because your muscles need.
The nutrients that are in proteins.
So, if you eat animal meat, I don't know
what other kind of meat there is, but
at any rate if you eat any sorts of meat
from chicken duck, which is fatty but
and, and red meat, that's your choice but
keep that fat low.
Steamed, sauteed is better than deep
Much better.
Also, let's see.
So now, we go into what, what's the best
This is it.
It can be cool.
Not iced, right before you sing.
If you're not going to be singing, you can
have some iced water if you want.
But otherwise try to keep it cool to room
The other thing and the reason why I have
this in a pitcher is because
glass is better than having water that's
in a plastic container.
There's been a lot of controversy that's
been coming up more and
more regarding what happens with plastic
containers and the types of
gases that can get released from them into
the water which on a health issue.
Better to avoid.
So if you can get filtered water, for
example, excellent, any
kind of water that you buy in the store,
try to keep it in a glass container.
And if you are drinking out of a plastic
it's best to make sure that it doesn't get
hot, or way cold.
Because that's when.
The plastic can start releasing fumes and
gases and stuff into the water, so I wanna
keep you healthy.
Then also there is various lines of what
we could call health drinks in terms of.
Like there's a super food, you know, type
of stuff.
The, this is called Serious Energy.
Just look at the label and make there's no
sugar or sugar substitute,
that's one of these aspartame type things,
you know,
that gives you weird chemicals in your
body as well.
This is all about the fact that our
instrument is our body.
And, so the better you nutrientive, I'm
making up a word.
The, the better the nutrition is that you
give it, and
the better it's gonna work for you.
Your voice is dependent, the sound of it,
is dependent on the interaction of various
parts of the body, as we've gone over.
There's muscle actions necessary.
Those muscles will begin to be apathetic
to the point where you aren't exercising
them or exercising them properly.
And where your nutrition is failing.
So that's pretty much it.
And in the next lesson we'll get into
those foods that you should
keep at a minimum, or stay away from, and
other harmful elements.