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ArtistWorks Vocal School Lessons: How to Develop and Use This Technique

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After I give you a little bit of
explanation we're gonna get right into
the exercises that help you to develop
the solution we just discovered together.
Well, I helped you to discover.
[LAUGH] The, there, it, it needs
It means your lats, because those are the
prime muscles
that not only elevate your ribs but will
keep them expanded.
So there's gonna be some changes that you
go through as you
develop with the exercises I'm about to
teach you.
They're not your lifelong buddies.
You just do them to the point where you've
achieved the ability to
comfortably keep your ribs expanded while
you sing and
get all the benefits that, that the, this
approach is going to give you.
So I'm but, I want you to be patient with
It builds up esteem as you go along, but
we're going to begin implementing
the solution, and just go through the
steps and
low and behold, each day, each next day of
these exercises will give you what you're
looking for.
It will become more comfortable and
you will be able to start applying rib
cage expansion as you sing.
Once we get through the next exercises and
you begin implementing them I'll
start showing you how to apply them for
vocal exercising, it'll be a lot of fun,